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  1. kuma_24

    Session Help

    Having problems getting sessions to work. I have created the session and have set_session_object but am not able to retrieve anything from the session on the next page. Do I need to carry something over to the next page? Does the session need to be carried from page to page?
  2. I am trying to include the username and password into a link so that the dialog box does not come up to enter them manually. I have seen some syntax on this topic but could not get it to work. http://username:password@hostname:port. Does anyone know how to get this to work? Thanks, Nick
  3. kuma_24

    Multiple Cookies

    I have figured out how to set cookies and retrieve them. The porblem is I seem to only be able to do one cookie. I set a cookie and was able to call it back. I tried to set another cookie and I have not been able to get it back. And when i do a get_cookies it only shows the first one. I am looking for any information about cookies and how they are used and any rules/syntax that people know about. And if you could answer the multiple cookie question in the process that would be great. Thanks, Nick
  4. kuma_24

    Using CSS with XML

    it was a matter of placing the stylesheet in the proper location. the only way i could get the style sheet to work was putting it in the "documents" folder on the web server and calling it from there instead of putting it in the xslt folder where the rest of the pages are kept. so my href would be
  5. kuma_24

    Function to UPPERCASE everything

    I think maybe I have not explained the situation well enough. I am looking for either an XML or FMXSLT function on the web in order to uppercase information from fields in the database. So I would like to do something like the following... Thanks, nick
  6. kuma_24

    Function to UPPERCASE everything

    We are trying to leave the integrity of the field information intact. If there are no functions to do this on the web then we will have to take that route. Thanks, nick
  7. I have a feeling I know the answer, but does anyone know of a function that will change everything in a field to upper case? In other words I have a field in the database that has information in it that is not uppercase. When I call that field on the web I would like to display all the information in that field in uppercase. Can this be done? Thanks, Nick
  8. kuma_24

    Using CSS with XML

    Nevermind. Figures as soon as I post it i figure it out.
  9. kuma_24

    Using CSS with XML

    Was wondering if you can incorporate a cascading style sheet into xml pages. I have a CSS but have not been able to get it to work. thanks, nick
  10. kuma_24

    Special char problem with macs

    Some of our clients vendors are entering information in textarea boxes which reside inside a form. <textarea name="t_ProductDesc" rows="12" cols="92" wrap="virtual" color="#003300"> <xsl:value-of select="$default-record/fmrs:field[@name ='t_ProductDesc']/fmrs:data"/> </textarea> These vendors are entering data using Macs and our clients are viewing the information in Filemaker on PCs. When the vendors enter a "return" and submit the form it shows up as a square in the field on a PC when you look at it in Filemaker. I have already tried wrapping the above in a fmxslt:url_decode but because it is in a textbox it does not work like it would if it were in a straight input statement. Any help with this issue would be appreciated. Thanks, Nick tech_stid_e.txt
  11. kuma_24

    Single check box problem

    On one of our site there is an a field that we apply a value list to in the form of checkboxes. In this case there is only one value in the value list. so either they can check it or uncheck it. The problem is if they do not check anything and the box is previously checked the database will not update the field with nothing. In other words if there was something in the field (so the box is currently checked) and they uncheck the box (so now there are no boxes checked at all) and submit the form, the database will not erase what is in the field and make it blank. Any thoughts on why this is? Thanks, Nick
  12. kuma_24

    fmxslt:send_email including field values

    Thank you both for the replies. Everything works. I was on the right track with the concat(). Just didn't have time to figure out the proper syntax.
  13. kuma_24

    how do i use href with a value from a database

    this is the code that i have been using: <a> <xsl:attribute name="href"><xsl:value-of select="fmrs:field[@name='institution']/fmrs:data"/></xsl:attribute>link verbage here </a> note: if you are inside a for-each loop you do not need the "$record/" record in any of your value-of statements. that part of the code is already there in the for-each statement. you don't need the "record" variable which calls current() because the for-each loop is already putting you in the current record.
  14. I am trying to include field values in the subject area of the fmxslt:send_email function. This is a problem as the function does not allow the value-of because the value-of function is used to perform the fmxslt:send_email function. Is there any way to get field values into this email function? thanks, nick
  15. We have a customer who has to log into their corporate site in order to get to a link that will bring them to our website. Since they are already logged into their corporate site we do not need them to log into our website when they get there (they are already a secure user). So we are looking to include the username and password into the link they will click on to get to our website. Is there any way to include those parameters into a link or a way to turn off authentication all together? The catch is when logging into the database through filemaker we still want the authentication to appear for our developers and employees. So we can't just open the database with a "try this password by default" option. Any help on this issue is much appreciated. Thanks, Nick

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