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    Linking to file folder

    Mac OSX and Windows 2000 Would like to put in a standard link //Computer/Folder/SubFolder/
  2. Hi guys. I'm trying to find a method of creating a link that takes you to the folder that a file lives in. Essentially a field that becomes a hotlink like on a web page. Clicking on it would take you to the desktop and open the folder for you. I'm sure there's a way to do it but can't dig it up at the moment. thanks -andrew
  3. Hi guys, I have a value list that I have formatted as checkboxes in a field. In Filemaker the list shows up with the correct carriage returns but when viewed on the web the same field requires TWO carriage returns to equal one. How can I add an additional carriage return without affecting the way the page looks in Filemaker? Example- VALUE LIST: Tom Steve John Bill Gary Shows up on the web as: TomSteveJohn BillGary

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