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  1. I have a database on a server that is shared between 4 workstations on a local network, all running win 2000 pro and FM7 v2. I have created a script that will send an email of specific fields to one email address via a calculation. It works great on three of the four workstations... however on one station it will freeze up the application and workstation when the email is sent. Outlook is the default email application and if you send a email just with it, it does fine. The only issue is when email is sent via the FM Script. Same script works great on 3 other stations. Has anyone experienced this or have a suggestion. My only working theory is that this one workstation might be underpowered. It is an older Pentium2 250 with 256 ram and min requirements on FM7 say 300mz. It works great with all other Filemaker 7 apps and functions.... just a problem with email script. Any ideas?
  2. Thanks for the input guys! You folks are the best at responding and you really know your stuff. Now let me ask a stupid question..... what is the procedure on adding a plugin. Have never done that in Filemaker. Thanks again
  3. Had the same thing happen. Somehow lost the table reference but still had all the records. Resetting the layout set up dialog worked but , as Shadow said, I would have to re-specify every field on every layout... a royal pain on my db with 10+ layouts. Quick and dirty solution was to take a recent backup and import the records from the screwed up file. The backup still preserved the table relations, the import brought the records up to date. Saved me from an all day event...... Now if I can figure out how the table was lost in the first place.
  4. I recently converted from FM6 to 7. In my db I use SS numbers as a unique field and is validated to prevent duplicates from being enter twice... with a warning message if the validation fails.... pretty simple stuff. On FM6 the validation occurred almost immediately after entering in a SS number. The message would pop up as soon as you moved to another field if it was a duplicate. Now after converting to FM7, the validation occurs about 20 fields later when entering a dupe or when exiting to another record. Makes it pretty bad to enter all the information for 20 fields and then find out the record already exists. Any one else seen this or is it something is just missed in setting up the fields? This is a shared file over a LAN, but the old one on FM6 was also and it was pretty much instant. Is this something different in the networking of FM7? Any help or ideas appreciated. reno58

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