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  1. Is there any way to edit a Filemaker Script in something other that the ScriptMaker? I have a set of 9 fp6 files that make up a client database, calendar, etc. Needless to says it's very involved. I originally made the series of databases for one client. Unfortunately, they no longer have use of it, so now I'm trying to use it else where. The new customer wants to be able to have 6-10 clients files open at any one time. I'm assuming his processor and ram can handle it. Basically I'm creating a set of these 9 files for each one of their clients. But I made the file names slightly different for each client. For example, Client A has a set of files like AAA_Customers, AAA_Products, AAA_Agents, etc. and Client B has like BBB_Customers, BBB_Products, BBB_Agents. So for all my scripts (of which there are many) I have to make sure FileMaker makes the new association with the correct file. If the scripts were in a text file, I could perform a find and replace and be a much happier camper. Maybe there is an easier way to do this I haven't thought of? At any rate, I would really appreciate any input! Thank you!

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