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    I tried to do exactly the same thing as you are describing and guess what, it is possible even without plugin (which I didnt want to use). My solution is using Open URL sript step. According to RFC 2368 for mailing standards you can use multiple parameters with mailto command. I tested my solution on Windows XP (mail client Outlook XP) and OSX (Mail application) with FMP 6.0v4 and it worked like a charm. The syntax of mailto command for sending to bcc address would be mailto:?bcc=name@domain.com you can add other paramaters also, just make sure you separate them with &. Example mailto:?to=name1@domain.com&cc=name2@domain.com&bcc=name3@domain.com&subject=This%20is%20test&20body=empty Using of %20 is neccessary because spaces (and other special characters) are not allowed in URL definition. Your second question: yes, you can. I am using these scripts: First step: Using Loop and Go to Record/Request/Page [Exit after last, Next] I scroll throgh all records in Found List and write emails to a Global field "List" Second step: Open URL [No dialog, emailURL] where emailURL is a name of calculation field containing this formula "mailto:?bcc=" & List And that is all, hope it is clear enough.
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