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  1. [using FM 12 Advanced] There does seem to be some inconsistency with things. You can copy a table with cmd-c (mac), but it appears you can't cmd-v paste it in the table manager. You have to use the "paste" button at the bottom of the screen. But you can just copy/paste by keyboard the scripts. As for layouts, I find I can copy the objects, but they lose their field definitions, even if the same field names exist in the new based-on table. Just an observation, so I could be wrong.
  2. Does anyone know why FM seems to have handicapped itself in this manner? Resources are stored all over the place and still it's quite difficult to use these shared resources in solutions. Nobody wants to replicate thousands of photos (and keep them synced). Web viewers are excellent, but as they aren't actually fields (and you can't designate a web viewer as a type of calculated result, you can't include them in portals. Are there any good workarounds? This just seems very strange at this point. Does anyone know why things remain like this? (I'm using FM12Dev, btw.) Cheers.
  3. I'm having the same issue. I guess I don't understand why one should be allowed to be "active" in two places simultaneously. I'm having to leave the field, allow the portal to reset itself (in my case taking the record to the top), the reselect the first portal row and then go to that related record. Not a lot of steps but it seems pretty unnecessary.
  4. Ah. I read above something about the other solution's only working with a menu, which I now take to mean a "drop down list" menu. Charlie
  5. I've used the everything-from-the-global-interface method before, which obviously works. I'm just experimenting on different approaches. Thanks for all your help, everyone. I'll simply avoid the kind of situation I posited. Now I have to start looking at evaluate(), just to get up to speed on that. Charlie
  6. Actually, this same method works in v6. I've attached an example. You can reduce the flicker by setting the pause to 1 second, but there is a slight delay after selection. Charlie Pseudotrigger.fp5.zip
  7. Perhaps something like this? See attached file. Works with OSX. Charlie Pseudotrigger.fp7.zip
  8. Fenton - You have a point. The Cartesian thing was just one of many permutations and combinations that arose as I was trying to figure this out. As to your question about why the global is in one place and not another, as I'm developing my particular solution, I wanted to store certain globals in one place, but be able to change that value from any number of different areas (TOs) in the solution. In the past (yes, I'm sort of sporadic in my development needs, so sometimes I forget what I already knew), I've handled this by setting individual globals by script. I guess I was hoping that, with FM7 and the multi-table construct, I wouldn't have to do this anymore. What concerns me, actually, is that I could have any number of times when I'll want to show related data in one place based on conditional values set elsewhere in a solution. It seems that, because of this, I can't be sure that things will properly update. As an example, let's suppose that you had a calculated date that changes depending on some other conditions (days before Today, e.g.,), and across your solution you wanted to see only records (via portals) corresponding to dates greater than or equal to that calculated date. That's a fairly arbitrary set of conditions, but does this kind of concern make sense? Charlie
  9. Wow. I'm a bit confused by what's being said there. I have a Mac solution to this, but I can't get it to work elegantly in Windows. Basically, you click on a drop down menu, which then displays the list. When you select one of the options, it immediately gets related info based on that value and does whatever else you specify in the script. Is this what you're talking about? Charlie
  10. Ah! I misunderstood Ugo's instructions. I did a refresh step and then a flush cache to disk step, not realizing there was the flush join option on refresh. [Also, it doesn't seem to matter if it's a global or not.] Many thanks. All that said, why is this necessary? (Why doesn't it just update automatically? Is this something that has to be done to keep FM from constantly updating relational info? Transpower, in his post above, doesn't mention that he used this script step to get it to work. He's on XP, by the way.) So is there a way around this? More info on this would be most appreciated as it would probably save some headaches in the future. I don't want to be setting up a lot of structures in my solutions that involve having to run scripts to make sure they're updated. Thanks for any (more) info you can give me. Charlie
  11. Well, I tried that, including switching to the "global" table and then returning to the Team layout, refreshing and flushing. No effect. Peculiar, this. Thanks for the suggestion, tho. If there's anybody out there using OS X/FM7v3 who could try TestMess.fp7 (already uploaded), I'd appreciate it. Charlie
  12. This sort of thing didn't seem to be an issue until I updated to 7v3. Do you think there's some sort of glitch going on in the OS X version of Filemaker? Wouldn't this have been apparent to many people from the get-go? Charles
  13. Transpower - You seem a bit fed up with me! (Sorry if I seem obtuse.) Anyway, perhaps I'm doing something different from what you're doing. I went back into my "global" table and deglobalized gl_year and indexed it, and left the cartesian relationship intact. I am not getting any different results. My calculated year (based on gl_year) still updates correctly and immediately in Team, but the related records in TeamYr (via the multi-key relationship) still do not update. Did you look at the file I uploaded? I'm attaching a screenshot of the problem, which shows that the calculated year in Team is correct but the multi-key relationship is wrong. Any ideas? Is this really expected behavior in FM7? Many thanks for your thoughts and patience. Charles Badrelation.pdf.zip
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