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  1. In the process of updating an old solution for a client. There is a run-only applescript that does "who knows what" being called from FM. Has anyone successfully opened a run-only copy of an applescript. I just want to look at the code in any shape or form to see what it does and rebuild it. Thanks
  2. Sorry, I'll try explaining better. It's a pretty complicated situation but to keep it basic we need multiple "MyCompany" folders within the Web folder of Filemaker. Each of the company folders will be for different companies and they think they need to keep these seperate for multiple reasons. Each company folder and it's db's would be performing a similar function but on different files. Renaming the db's could create a major headache as they would have to filter through all the functions for each site, changing names/ect. I know, not really my decision to try same names, am trying to avoid this if I could find the documentation.
  3. I've been asked to alter the setup of set of db's currently being served out over the web by filemaker unlimited 6. It's not really a web/CDML question so please read on before flaming. Current setup/filepath is: Filemaker/Web/MyCompany/Clients.fp6. There's a couple of other db's within the "MyCompany" folder. What I've been asked to do is duplicate the "MyCompany" folder with all of its db's residing in it and rename that folder "MyCompany2" and place the Clients.fp6 db one level up to reside in the Web folder. This would act as the client db for all the multiple "MyCompany" folders that could be created. One of the issues of course is that then FM will be serving out multiple copies of db's of the same name all be it on different levels/folders. It's well know in previous versions that serving same name db's anywhere's on the same server was a BIG no no, web or network. I'd be 10 feet tall and bullet proof if I could find the documentation for FM 6 that still says this will still compromise db integrity...or is this not the case anymore? Can anyone direct me to documentation that says this...I've searched. Thanks.
  4. Hiya back Steve. I appreciate your time in responding. I have tested out other URLs for the heck of it with the same result. ie: broken after approx same number of characters. The URL is being constructed in a calculation and does work when it's not broken. I've tried various versions and I'm pretty sure it is the character count and not some obscure invisible character. What I've found so far is that by sending the email containing the link as "plain text" (rather than Rich Text as these are the only two options in the OS X "Mail" app) the link will appear intact if the receiving client is the "Mail" app on OS X. (The sending app is "Mail" of OS X.) Given I don't have control over what the OS the receiver application will be this is still an issue for me. I've also been told there are prefs for character limits on most mail apps on PCs which is set for breaking lines after so many characters. If that's the case I guess I'm kinda hooped as I can't control the end user/receiver. (This notification is for a group of 60 some odd stores.) I've looked at using smaller URLs produced by certain sites such as www.tinyurl.com but it appears that it would have to be linked to static url. As you can see in my link I'm performing an action in a fm db to find the specific record this email enclosing the link would be specific too. What about sending a formated html email with the link "hidden" behind a "Click Here" button? I get junk mail like this all the time. Is it possible to send such an email from OS X Mail? Thanks
  5. I'm sending automated emails containing an http link. (See below for specs on what I'm using.) In the sent mail message on the originating server the link is intact on one line. The received email appears to break the link in the same position every time. The receiving platform or application doesn't appear to matter, they're always broken. Below is how it appears received: confirmation.htm&ProjectsRecordID=38&-Find So is there a character count where automatically a return in entered? I'm not sure to look at the sender or receiver of the email to get this resolved. When intact the link does work. To do that the receiver has to forward the mail, removing the return prior to sending to themselves. Server Specs: Mac OS X FM 5.5 AppleScripting to automate sending of the email OS Mail app is sending them out.
  6. Please be patient with me on this one people. Hopefully this is the right place to post this. I will not post elsewhere so in nec. please move this post. What I would like to do is after having someone receive an automated email from an FM action (which is in place) which would contain a link similar to the one below. The first link below is an example that pulls up a html page and finds a record. (That works) ----------- ----------- What I really would like to do is have the link perform an action (in this case set an approval field for a specified record in the fm db) WITHOUT having to pull up an html page. The example link below is kinda where I'm at with it. I know I'm prob. way off but is nothing else just confirmation of if this is possible or not would be greatly appreciated. Help even more so appreciated. What I'm working with...... FM 5.5 Max OS X Using OS X Mail app to send email Using XP with Outlook Express as client that receives email and responds via link in email.
  7. re: Don't throw stones. Yikes, anyone know Fred Flinstones number, I've got my own rock quarry now. There's def. some baseball players here. Fine Leb i Sol you don't like THEIR website, (I have nothing to do with them.) You've had your rant now move along. Play ball!
  8. Nice to know suggestions get criticized/dismissed on the basis of something as silly as what was mentioned in the following posts. Is that how you guys got that many posts?
  9. This company has a product called iTill that's built in FM. http://www.lazerfare.com/development.html Platform: / Version: FileMaker Version:
  10. Thanks guys. Fenton was correct. Interesting and important note though. I had tried to copy the "excel" extension from the FileMaker Developer/FileMaker Extensions folder rather than (as the developer documentation said too) the excel extension from the "FileMaker Developers Tools/Runtime Files/FileMaker Extensions" folder. The extensions are both the same version ie: Excel Translator 5.5v1, with the exception of the the word Run or Dev at the end. The Dev one had allowed me to view and select the excel doc but an error stating "The translator for this file format could not be found or could not be initialized." would come up. Thanks again.
  11. I have a solution built in FM5.5 to import excel docs. As I found out (should've known), the runtime version of the solution cannot import excel docs. Just wondering if FM6 runtime solutions can and/or can FM 6 on OS9 run even convert this solution to FM 6? Are there any other options? Sorry I have previously posted this question in an incorrect category.
  12. I have a solution built in 5.5 to import excel documents. As I found out the runtime cannot import excel docs. Does FM6 have this capability for the runtime to import excel docs? I've looked on the FM website but was unable to find reference to it.
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