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    Access Restrictions

    That is where I was looking. Is there a way to restrict database access by IP address? Or, can you only use usernames/passwords?
  2. Philby

    Access Restrictions

    Hello, I am trying to enable access restrictions to certain IP addresses in Sever 10. I would like to have all local addresses to and one remote site address. It doesn't like wild cards like 192.168.1.* Is there a way to add a range of addresses? I can find any documentation.
  3. Thank you for the link to version 1.0.6 It is installed and running. Looks like Filemaker packaged the wrong version in their installer.
  4. I am trying to install FM10 Server on Windows Server 2008. It requires Bonjour Services. Service keeps quitting with the following error - Bonjour Service Terminated with service specific error 4294901759 Anyone have any ideas? I tried running the service with administrator permissions, didn't matter
  5. Philby

    Sumamary fields on report

    Excellent! It worked perfectly. Thank you very much
  6. Philby

    Sumamary fields on report

    Hello, I am having an issue with a report using summary fields. I have a series of transactions to various work orders. My report looks like below Work Order#-----WO Quantity----Usage(lb) 123-----------------1000------------5 123-----------------1000------------3 123-----------------1000------------1 125------------------500------------5 125------------------500------------2 If I summarize the WO Quantity, I want to get 1500 because there are only two work orders with 1000 and 500 ea. Right now it's giving me 4000 because it is totaling all the lines. I've tried playing with all the summary total settings, but it always gives me 4000. Even if I do a sub-summary of the work orders and total the quantity fields. Any ideas? Thank you,
  7. Hello, I am having problems printing barcodes in landscape on the page. If I print in Portrait, the barcodes are crisp and thin, in landscape they are thick and blotchy. Is there a fix for this? I 've tried two different True Type fonts, same results. Top is printed in Landscape Bottom is Portrait
  8. Hello, I want to pass data from a Web published Filemaker database to an online web form. Is there an easy way to do this? Can I use javascript? We have a pricing database that looks up pricing information, and I want to pass the data to a non Filemaker online quote form. Are there any good books describing the use of Instant Web Publishing and integrating with other online apps? I am quite the newby when it comes to web databases. Thank you,
  9. Hello, I have a report I need help on. I have a table of part number transactions that has a part number and the amount used for that transaction. I am generating a report which is sorted by PartNumber that correctly shows the Usage, StandardCost, and UsageValue. My fields are defined as such: Usage is a Summary of Total of AmountUsed StandardCost is just a Number UsageValue is a Calculation = GetSummary ( Usage ; PartNumber) * StandardCost I am having trouble defining a grand total for all the UsageValues at the end of the report. Is it possible to have a grand total of a field defined by a GetSummary? Thanks,
  10. I am having the same problem, when the user picks from one pop-up list, I need a second pop-up lists values to be populated. Now, I need to click the "Submit" button to get it to work. Is there a way to get IWP to auto-update when a pop-up list value changes? Thanks,
  11. Hello, I wish to validate entered data so that a value entered has not been entered before. I am using a data entry layout which just has global fields, when the user clicks on a "create" button a record is created and the data is tranferred from the global fields into the record. One of the fields is a serial number. They are not entering the number sequentially, so I can't have filemaker automatically put in a number. What I want to do is check when the number is entered to see if it matches any value that has already been entered. I see a validation of "member of value list", is there an equivalent "not member of value list". Or, is there a function that I can use to check if the entered value matches any value in another field? Thank you,
  12. Hello, First the Background, Our company just purchased SugarCRM. Which is a web based Customer Relationship Management program built using MySQL and PHP. I have developed some office databases in Filemaker that my boss wants to try to incorporate with this app. One of them is a pricing database which we use to price our products. It has 6 or 7 popup lists whose values in the lists change depending on the previous values. By drilling down, we come up with a price. We want to add this pricing finder to the Quote section of the CRM software. I'm OK at programing with Filemaker, but have no experience with PHP or MySQL. The soultion needs to be web based as the users ( about 10 ) will be all over the country. Now the questions, #1 If I add a button to the CRM software, can I get a pop-up Filemaker window which the user can select the right part and have the results passed to right fields in the open browser window? #2 I have Filemaker Server, do I need Advanced? #3 Should I just query the Filemaker Database using PHP? #4 Should I just port the Filemaker Database to MySQL? #5 How would you do it? I am trying to get a good approach, before I invest too much time trying to do it one way just to find I should have gone another route. Thanks in advanced....
  13. Philby

    Sub-Summary Reports

    Hello, I have created a report with sub-summaries. Is there a way to create a report with only the sub-summary totals and not any of the individual lines making up the sub-summary? For example, I have an item database that has part numbers, class codes, and quantities. I want to summarize the quantities based on class code, but I only want to see the totals and not all of the individual items that make up the totals. Or, is there a way to show all the sub-summaries totals at the end of the report and not at the end of each class section?
  14. Philby

    Print Copies Defaults to 4

    For some reason my print defaults when launching my database is set to 4 copies. Is there a way to change it to 1 copy? Thanks,
  15. Is there a way to grey out or disable a field if a checkbox is unchecked and enable the field when it is checked? Is there a plugin that will do this? Thank you,

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