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    Use of Portal to select related contacts

    Sorry to resurrect a seemingly dead thread, but this is a perfect representation of my situation, but stops just short of the full help I need. My structure is exactly the same as TWillson's, but for Patients, read Books, and for Contacts, read reviewers. Thus each individual book might be reviewed by any number of reviewers, and each reviewer might review any number of books. As below, I have a portal with all my reviewers in on the book layout, and I now want to select a reviewer(s) to review a book. I have created a third database (booksreviews), but have no idea how to copy the Book and Reviewer ID detail into that database. I can manually input into the third database and happily display the information in another portal on the Book layout (to show who has reviewed this particular book), but am stuck on automating it. Many thanks David Palmer

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