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  1. Hello, I'd like to add a functionality to my file where with a click of a button that is on that file, FM will check if there is any empty records in that file and automatically delete them from a file. What is the best way to do it? I tried using basic scripts, but there is nothing there. Thanks
  2. montenegro

    Order of records

    Bob, thank you for your help. The first method worked fine. I did not know there is a sort option under the Define Relationship menu. In my earlier attempts to solve the problem,I was performing sort of records on an Employee IN file, not under Define Relationship. My records were sorted in Employee_IN file the way I wanted them to be, but that did not have any influence on what will Employee_OUT see/pull out as a requested info. Thanks again Srdjan
  3. montenegro

    Order of records

    Hello Bob, thank you for your time and help. I read some basic stuff and did a CD tutorial before this little project. The best way to learn all features and options, for me, is to do a simple project and face with actual problems. Regarding your questions/comments about my system: - this is a very simple exercise project that I already did in MS Access long time ago, and my goal is to do it in FileMaker to compare Access and FileMaker and decide which way to go for a final version. - this desing should record everything based on vehicle info, not employee info, so it does not matter how many employees are in a car at the gate - The base for all info is a Decal Number. If an employee has more than one car he has more then one decals. - visitors, contractor and others are handeled in separate files. - we only have one gate, so it makes it easier - if vehcle does not leave the same day, no problem, we simply record the day it left As you can see the project is pretty simple and I almost finished it. I need to find and play with options to create something as a main menu, so user can access all needed files from there. I also want to explore option for a web published / intranet use of this program. While I am reading more about other relationsips and portals, I hope you will have a answer on my original question: Is there a way to access the very last record of a related file based on specific info, i.e. when I am pulling info from Employee_IN file in Employee_OUT file, I need to get the very last record/instance of that particular Decal requested from Employee_IN. Currently I ALWAYS pull out only the very first record of that specific Decal recorded in Employee_IN. If an employee entered a gate this morning user/gate guard created a record of that in Employee_IN file with all emloyee's info. The main/relation field of each record is Decal number. For example, This specific employee also entered and left a gate every day for past one month. When this employee leaves a gate today afternoon user will type in Decal number in Employee_OUT file, and basic info from Employee_IN file about this employee will automatically populate. This works fine. Problem is that instead of the latest info (from this morning) I always get the info when that employee entered a gate the very first time. (in this case a month ago). How to control this? I hope my explanation was not too detailed and boring. I feel there is a very simple solution to this. Thanks Srdjan
  4. montenegro

    Order of records

    Hello, this is my first project using FileMaker so I am facing various beginner's difficulties. One of the is following: I want to record vehicle activities at Entrance/Gate. I created a file Employee_Info where I stored basic info for each employee (Decal, Name, Vehicle Type, Vehicle Tag) I also created Employee_IN file/form, where user types a Decal and after hitting Tab all other information (from Employee_Info)about that particular employee fills out autamatically. Additionaly Day and Time IN gets populated. This works great. I also have a file Employee_OUT which records day and time an employee left the company gate. I created a relationship between Employee_OUT and Employee_IN, where Employee_OUT form takes all info from Employee_IN for that specific employee (including Day and Time IN). User types in a Decal and hit Tab, the rest of fields gets populated adding Day and Time OUT. The problem I am having is: For example, I have 3 records(for 3 days) for one particular employee in Employee_IN field, i.e. one record for each day. When that employee is leaving I want to record his Day and Time OUT, so I must use info from Employee_IN field. Ideally, when I type a decal in Employee_OUT form, the rest of the fields should get populated with the very last record of that specific Decal, since that is the "freshest" recors, i.e. record that has info when that employee entered gate the last time.(The record with the latest Day and Time IN for that specific decal) Instead of that I always get info from the very first record of that specific Decal from Employee_IN. I tried to use some sorting actions, but it did not seem to work. Any suggestions how to design/sort records so info of the very last record will show up when that specific Decal is called. Thanks

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