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  1. zinneken

    Address book as a table

    Thanks Fitch, pity it doesn't. Also, from experience Bento is lousy at the address book integration. I've thrown it away as I won't wait for +30 seconds of spinning wheel to get to a contact ...
  2. Can filemaker look (with the purpose of looking and editing) into the Apple's Address book as if it was an outside table/DB? If so, how would it be done?
  3. zinneken

    relation dropdown menu

    My god, so simple and me looking for it for days ... feeling kind of stupid. Thanks comment!
  4. zinneken

    relation dropdown menu

    Neckbreaking for a week now trying to find a solution to this one. I'd like to keep relationships based on reference/serial numbers rather then actual names. However, based on a relationship through reference numbers I don't seem to get to show the actual name without using a portal. There must be a more simple way, like using a calculation or other. Can a value be looked-up or calculated from one table to the next based on a relationship without using a portal? test.fp7.zip
  5. zinneken

    Today's date

    Yes indeed. Thanks so much for helping out!
  6. Must be a pretty dum question, but been searching for ages on this one. How do I get the current date to be inserted into a field and validated without a user being able to directly edit the field? I've done as attached example, but I'm missing the insertion of the current date into the dialog box and if the user changes the date in the dialog box and makes a date formatting error, it doesn't get an error message. How do I do this? Clone_Date.fp7.zip
  7. zinneken

    relation dropdown menu

    Thanks Fenton, You're of great help (and I'm a little slow on this project). I tried to find a logical way to still go through a simple popup window, but your suggestion of a filtered portal is the best. However, it requires scripting like I've not done so far and I'm struggling badly. The example helps, but still. At least now I know what to work on. Will revert back here when I got a script & filtered portal working the way they needs to.
  8. zinneken

    relation dropdown menu

    An additional question: Most people, if not all (and definitely me), can't remember what several hundred reference numbers stand for. I understand it is the company ref that needs to be entered (because you could have potentially 2 companies with the same name but in different countries/activities). So in terms of data entry, how can I enter a reference number while I don't know what the reference number stands for without changing layout? For example through a popup window with a popup value list "company names" that puts the "company ref" of the in the popup selected company into a specified field, but how would I do that?
  9. zinneken

    relation dropdown menu

    Fenton, Thanks for your comments. I wanted to wait to post here until I figured it all out, but it's taking my little brain more time to implement your suggestions. Yes, you're right regarding the suites, I kind of had this in mind for the reference table (P.O. boxes, Suites, departments, etc. configured in the link table rather then in the address table itself), but I think that it may be better to make a separate table for this. I'm hopeful that by adding a date function you could keep a history of, when and where (part/department of) a company moves while never having to change an address, just add an address. I'll keep working on this and post samples back when I figure it out.
  10. zinneken

    relation dropdown menu

    I'm trying to make a many to many relationship database as follows: An address can have several persons An address can have several companies when changing an address, the information should be available to each person and company that is on this address when creating an address, the information should be checked so that there are no 2 addresses the same So I figured I need a table for the persons, a table for the companies, a table for the addresses and a table that specifies the links between them. I hope so far I'm not off the track with my thinking ... Then I tried to create a single layout that allows for me to create an address for a person working at a company, and that checks the address is unique. However, in the layout I created I can't select the company (the dropdown list for the company in the portal of layout "people" doesn't show up). How could I get this baby going? v2.fp7.zip
  11. zinneken

    "OR" relations

    Great! Exactly what I needed. Thanks so much. :worship:
  12. zinneken

    "OR" relations

    Multi Criteria are always styled as "AND" in relations. How could I have multiple criteria styled as "OR"? This is my issue. 2 tables, A & B. Table A has field 1A, table B has field 1B, 2B, 3B. The relation between the tables should be: 1A = 1B OR 1A = 2B The contents of 3B shows up in a portal for all records that match 1A=1B OR 1A=2B. Can this be done in FM and if so how? Thanks!
  13. zinneken

    Address book or LDAP?

    I would like my FM contacts DB as central contacts list for everything on my mac (mail, address book, ical, invoicing software, excel, etc.) What am I better off to use? For me, the better way seems to be an LDAP directory with groups and contacts that would be managed by Filemaker and be available in apple address book. Eventually, I could share the LDAP with others, use it for mailings, use it for login and password storing for users to access FM and so many other functions. But can FM manage an LDAP directory, and if so, how to implement it? The alternative would be to have a way to synchronize my FM contacts with Apple Address book, and have logins and passwords, mailings, etc. managed by and within FM. But is there a utility that can synchronize a FM contacts DB and Apple Address Book?
  14. I'd like to know if filemaker could handle groupware activity (email, contacts, forums, file management, etc.) through the web publishing? Are there any pre-built groupware applications for Filemaker?
  15. I would like to create a runtime of a database for a windows person, but I only have access to a mac. How can I make a windows runtime?

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