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    Can't delete layout

    One of my layouts must have gotten corrupted somehow; all of the fields and images/text I had on it no longer show up. In fact, nothing shows up on this layout, and the layout name is blank on the left hand side of the FMPro window. I've created a new layout from scratch without any difficulty, but can't do anything with this old layout. Clicking "Layout Setup" does nothing, and I can't add any parts, fields, etc., and hitting Ctrl-E does nothing. Does anyone have any idea how to delete this layout?
  2. soxsoxsox

    Layout saves not working

    [edit: I checked to see if duplicating the layout and then making changes would work, and it does, so it appears that it's possible to have a corrupt layout? Is this a common problem in FMP 8?] I just lost an entire day's worth of work due to a bug in FMPro 8, and I can't figure out what's going on. I did a lot of tweaking with a layout, adding tabbed layout submenus, deleting a lot of fields, adding others, and formatting everything just so. When I exited out of FMPro and came back, none of my changes were there. None. I've experimented with adding just one text field and one field, clicking "Save layout changes", exiting the program and coming back, and the changes still aren't there. Obviously this is a problem. Can anyone think of some setting I may have missed? Shouldn't all layout changes be saved automatically, all the time?
  3. I have files set up like this: 1. Invoices 2. Invoice line items (sales) 3. Inventory An invoice can contain multiple line items, with the possibility of one particular inventory item appearing more than once. Invoices are related to invoice line items via key field Invoice #. Invoice shows line items via a portal. I want to be able to see a summary on each invoice of items invoiced and quantities summed by item. E.g.: Here are the sales line items on an invoice: item 1 - qty. 6 item 2 - qty. 3 item 3 - qty. 5 item 1 - qty. 4 item 2 - qty. 2 I want to be able to see something that shows these results: item 1 - qty. 10 item 2 - qty. 5 item 3 - qty. 5 What I mean by "on the fly" is that I want the invoice to automatically generate the report rather than having to create fields for "total sales item 1," "total sales item 2," etc. There are too many individual inventory items to work it this way. I know that creating a concatenated field like "Invoice # item #" comes into play, but I can't figure out how to get the report part to generate. Any help would be appreciated. Version: v6.x Platform: Mac OS X Jaguar
  4. Hello - I am trying to set up a database involving 3 files keeping track of CDs released during the year: 1. Releases (e.g. artist/title/format/label) 2. Artists 3. Labels What I would like to do is be able to enter the information concerning each CD in the Releases file, and have that create (as necessary) new Artists or new Labels as they arise. However, I haven't found a way to be able to have the existing Artists and Labels show up on the Releases layout without also creating duplicate records for Artists and Labels who appear more than once. I tried formatting the fields for the portal records to have a Value Field equal to the indexed contents in those fields, with an option for an "Other..." entry in case of a new Artist or Label. This works as far as adding new entries, but when I pick an existing Artist or Label when entering a new Release, this creates a second entry for them in their respetive files. Can anyone shed some light on a direction I should be taking here?

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