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    Yeah I found all of that I think It maybe that im using an Iframe to show the content of the FM DB, should this make a difference?
  2. Binka


    HI, does anybody know how or where I can find information on using the [set-Cookie] tag, Im having a real nightmare with it, any info on this subject would be deeplpy appreciatied. I think I've check every manual going and still i have no joy, thanks in advance
  3. Binka

    images - help

    OK so i've been wooshing around the net for months, looking for a solution, I'm developing an intranet and need to upload images to the filemaker server from a web page, can anyone tell me is this function totally impossible, or am I just not looking hard enough!! thanks me (newbe) al
  4. Binka

    Pop UP lists

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, it worked a F****** treat you super stars you!!!
  5. HI can anyone help, I'm trying to create a pop-uplist based on a field full of words seperated via a space, looks a little like brown cow field milk calf (you get it!) I'm doing a string count into another field called key1 (leftwords(keyword,1) and another in to a field called key2 (leftwords(keyword,2) then defining a value list which allows me to specify from key1 and also include key2 but thats as far as it allows me to go in the html file im using valuelistitems [FMP-if:currentdatabse.eq.picture.fp5] <select name="keywords" size=1> [FMP-valuelist:keywords, list=keywords] <option>[FMP-valuelistitem] [/FMP-valuelist] [/FMP-if] to create a pop-down menu in the browser, so anyway does anybody know a quick and simple way of counting all the words in the first keyword field so I can create a value list with them all in? hope this makes some sort of sense to you guys - again any help would be appreciated rgs FileMaker Version: 6 Platform: Mac OS X Jaguar
  6. Binka

    CDML Action Tag (-Find)

    Ray the only way I can think of is to add the == to the value of your input tag IE <input="text" name="fieldname" value="==" size="30" all that happens is that you get the == show up in the text input bopx on the browser. you could try experimenting by trying <input type="hidden" name="field1" value="=="> <input type="text" name="field1" value=""> see if it dumps the hidden and user text into the search function? hope this helps FileMaker Version: 6 Platform: Mac OS X Jaguar
  7. HI guys bit of a newbe to the forum here, so let me know if im off topic. right here goes, I've been putting together various web pages for viewing data entered into an FM6 database. I was wondering if anybody knew if it was possible to construct a CVS output function so users could download the info they'd pulled up off the browsed web page? or do I need to start looking at java or something? Anyone got any ideas or could point me in the right direction would be most appreciative. FileMaker Version: 6 Platform: Mac OS X Jaguar

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