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    duplicate email addresses

    thanks Tom. will do
  2. has anyone ever solved the problem where the send mail script sometimes places duplicate email addresses in Apple Mail's To: field? I've seen it happen in different configurations of FM and Mail and OS X. Can't seem to find a pattern. I saw an old post where it was assumed an Apple Mail bug as opposed to FM. They mentioned the issue is solved if the address was a previous recipient. Doesn't seem to hold true. I have a client now that sees some tripled emails.
  3. great. thanks Tom. I was not sure if the 9999999 meant something specific. makes sense now. I'm going to try again.
  4. JD Scott

    simple(?) importing into FMP7

    Thanks to both of you. But I cannot get the script to work. fMP doesn't seem to like the syntax. is it a different version thing? I'm asuming each set field is on its own line in the script?
  5. ok, please no eye-rolling: lets say I have plain text that looks something like this: Contact Information ------------------------- Name: BOBBY BOBSMAN Address: 200 ANY STREET City: SHOOTEM State: TX Zip: 75147 Hm. Phone: (555)555-5555 Wk. Phone: (555)555-5555 Ext.:555 Email: BOBBY(at)BOBHEAD.COM Married?: No Age:42 Shoe Size: AM More Information --------------------- DOB: 03/15/1962 Gender: M Height: 5ft 3in Weight: 579 How can I import this into FMP7 ? Do I have to specify what is to the left of the first colon somehow? (on my wishlist: automate these if they were emailed to me) which reminds me, does anyone out there have xml flying into a database automatically from the web? That is my next frontier.
  6. Thanks Tom. I don't understand the script but I was excited to try it anyway. but... I cannot put Status in my script. "This function cannot be found" what am I doing wrong?
  7. How can I make a Perform Find script step find only a certain amount of records, say, the most recent 1000 records that otherwise fit the find criteria. I have started down this path for a solution: I made a Show Dialog step that asks for the user to enter the number of records to find...lets say they enter 1000. That number 1000 goes into a global field to be used during the part of the script which says how many records to find. thats as far as I get :-)
  8. Thanks Brent, I actually tried this before but failed to deselect "Select entire contents" in the script. It just hit me. Thanks Jaime
  9. thanks for the reply... can I loop within a calculation? I'm not sure how to do that. If I looped in the script (outside of the Send Mail script step) it would send individual emails for each record - not good.
  10. Hi, I'm using the Send Mail script step and have made a calculation for the message of the email. I'd like to email something like this: Contact # 50777 --------------------- Information: --------------------- Name: Scott Bobcat Address: 72 Marietta Street NW Phone: 322-526-5673 Email: scooby@go.org My calculation looks like this: "Contact #: " & " " & contact ID &
  11. JD Scott

    need help getting multiple records to display...

    I'm getting there...couple of questions: do I need 2 fields in the actors db that represent the actors name? a regular name field and an ActorJobs::name field? i'd love to actually show someone my databases. because I'm so close but not quite there. by the way - this forum is great. so glad I found it. Thanks again, Jaime
  12. JD Scott

    need help getting multiple records to display...

    thanks for the advice guys. now I shall tackle it. still confused though. I may post again. :-)
  13. sorry for being a scripting lightweight but here goes... I have 2 databases. one for actors and the other for jobs. both files have a field called 'job numbers'. I set up a relationship so both files share 'job numbers'. (I hope I did it right) in the job db I've created a layout that has fields on top and bottom and is set up the way I want it. in the center of this layout I'd like to be able to list all of the actors (from the actor db) which have a matching job number. I cannot figure out how to do this. I created a button that when pressed triggers a script that essentially says if actors::job code = job code SetField ["first name", "actors::first name"] this succesfully puts the actors first name into the first name field on my layout in the job db. unfortunately, I can only get 1 record to appear while I'd like to have all 10 records from the actor db to come up on my layout. does this make any sense?

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