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  1. Thanks John, I will try that. -------------- -Dell V
  2. This is just an 18 month projection. Each month is text field ; at the beginning of a new month a new field needs to be added. I may have to resort to adding each new month by hand, but having it done automatically would be ideal. ---------------- -Dell V
  3. John, This particular database is 1 of 15 relational databases used to track and forecast manpower. I will use CDML tags to enter and retrieve data on web pages. The entire setup is too complex to describe here; the flow chart alone is monstrous. -------------- -Dell V
  4. The database structure has not been set up; I am in the process of taking an Access database and remaking in the more powerful FileMaker Pro. I am open to your suggestions on how best to accomplish this part of my project. P.S. Thank you for your quick response and good advice; thanks to all of you John, Lee, and Dan. ------------------ -Dell V
  5. This would be an empty field at the beginning of the month and used to collect hours worked during the month. In Access the code used to do this is: dbsCurrent.Execute"Alter Table[" & DataSource & "]" & "ADD Column " & SelectField & Number;"
  6. I am looking for a function (or some other way) that will automatically create a new field in the FMP database on the first day of the new Month.

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