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  1. Calendar and Reminder

    I was thinking more like a popup window as a reminder at a certain date and time as agreed with the customer. (Call "Customer ID" 13.10 31-3-2010) And also a list (that could be done from yours "bcooney"
  2. Calendar with alarm

    Thanks for your help. Maybe it could help. As I need a calender with some kind of reminder/alarm that pops up a given time and day. I will use it for my sails system where a seller can write date and time that the customer asked for, and the be reminded from the calendar. Also I would use it in my invoice system to set a start and end date, and at the end date the calendar will remind me of that customer ID to send new invoice. So if the calendar you have can do this job, I would be delighted :)
  3. Calendar with alarm

    I am still looking. Must be one out there?!?
  4. Auto Dial soft phone X-Lite

    I did still not find a solution. If some body did please share.
  5. I'm looking for some suggestions for a simple calendar with alarm / reminder. Now I have seedcode which is good but don't have the alarm. Thanks, Mats
  6. Join many files to one database

    I guess the thread is dead :)
  7. Join many files to one database

    After 3 hours I still did not manage to implement / import a simple table It's the "LineItems_SC" that I have tried to incorporate from file to a table. I attache it if anybody would have a min. to tell me what a stupid misstake I have done!! Invoice_Mediahelp.fp7.zip
  8. Join many files to one database

    Thanks a lot. A simple and good tutorial Just one question so far: Is it not possible to import or copy the relationships also?
  9. Join many files to one database

    Well maybe the biggest problem I found was that I could not import or copy / paste the design and layout and get the fields on the right place. Simple explained I could not get the new i.e. invoice getting the same look.
  10. Join many files to one database

    So to make it simple. There is no simple way to do this. Getting layout, relationships etc. and just "consolidate" Or by FMrobot 2 that also needs some work and a lot of $$$ :)
  11. Join many files to one database

    A new word for me. Thanks :)
  12. Thanks vodka, now this one also works like a charm Subject closed........
  13. I made a Invoice program before FM could use multiple tables in the same file. So now my invoice program have 20 different files related to each other. Is there a way to import or easy change this database so it's one file, but with 20 tables? Thanks.
  14. Auto Dial soft phone X-Lite

    I got it to work in Windows environment now using open URL and code: "sip:" & Filter(mediahelp::WorkPhone;"0123456789") I would think that the same code would work in Mac OS X 10.5 too, but it seems like it do not handle sip the same way. So I am half way now, and just need help with the Mac OS X script.
  15. Hey, please do not shoot me guys. 1. I was asking for a way to take away spaces when inserting phone numbers and Lee Smith gave me a solution. 2. Then I was asking for a way to deal with the old files who already had the spaces, and mr vodka gave me a perfect and simple solution. 3. My understanding after that was that mr vodka gave me another calculation formating the numbers then the first I have to make it simpler and as he said "but the whole Y,N thing can really go away." I tried it and maybe me, but it did not work for me, so I keep the old one as it's working. So for me things is good and I thanks every body for their help and efforts :

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