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    Can I do this using Portals?

    For each record in my database, there is a billing section. On that section I have a pull down menu with the tweleve months. I want to be able to choose a month and have three fields be filled with information. I want it to display billing information based on the selected month. Im assuming I should use portals and a seperate database. Can anyone explain to a total newbie how to go about setting up this process? Any help would be GREAT! thanks in advance chris
  2. ok wait! i spoke too soon, I got a list that displays four buttons and they bring up the related record, but i need some text in each of the rows of the portland, i would like to use the content of a field that is in each record, thanks!
  3. wow! thanks so much for the quick response, if you could be a little more detailed that would be awesome. I am totally new to filemaker So far, Im creating a portal, I choose the file im working on but im lost after that, thanks in advance! chris
  4. Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to have a scroll-able field that lists all the records in the database. even better would there be a way to pull up that record by clicking its "name"? thanks for any help chris

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