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  1. Quick question... I have an address book database with a calculation field that computes a vCard for that individual. Pretty simple, really, except that I need the lines in the calculation field to export with carriage returns, not line feeds. I have tried using a global field with a return chacter pasted in, but that didn't work. Any other ideas? (By the way, I have tried the xml vCard export file... it works on the local machine, but I have not figured out how to use xml files on a remote machine with a served database. That's another issue, I suppose)
  2. I think this qualifies as a "brute force method"... but it may work in my case. I'll try it out. Thanks!
  3. "But say why what you've tried "hasn't worked" -- maybe you have a different problem or requirement...?" Unfortunately, the fields I need to split usually hold a list of different items, any one of which may be more than one line. For instance: 1. This is the first item 2. This is the second item, which goes on and on and potentially takes up more than one line or even two if the person is particularly long winded 3. A short one. So... counting words won't do it, and counting carriage returns won't do it. Seems like this is a good candidate for version 7. Thanks!!
  4. Here is a question that has me stumped... I am generating a database that replicates a paper form. The form has several main text blocks on the first page, and continuation blocks on the following pages. I would like to allow the user to enter all the text into one field in an "entry" layout, and intelligently "split" the text into the main and continuation fields on the printable form. I've tried combinations of character-counting and linebreak counting, but can't figure it out. Is this even possible?

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