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  1. richMac

    Portal not refreshing data

    Jaqued, Sounds to me like a lot of going back and forth. If you like, send me your files as an attachment and I'll make some recommendations when I get a chance. I think this can be much easier.
  2. richMac

    Portal not refreshing data

    The easiest way to have the portal to refresh is to use a Set Field script step at the end of your script that sets the primary key to itself. Ex: SetField(pk_CustID) ; (pk_CustID) This forces the record to update due to the calculation. Nothing changes on the record but all data is recalculated and the screen refreshed. There's no changing modes, screen flashing, etc. and it's fast.
  3. Now that FileMaker has fired many of their developers, apparently over problems with the release of FMP 7, (www.thinksecret.com) I wonder how long it wil be before we see fixes to the bugs in this new version. Somebody obviously didn't do their homework.
  4. richMac

    Annoying problems with simple buttons

    Actually, problems occur with both grouped lines and boxes set to no fill and no line. When working in the file, these buttons will perform fine in one session and then improperly outline in the next. This is most annoying and most definitely a bug. I have been reporting it to FileMaker for over a month. Now that they have fired a third of their development team, (www.thinksecret.com) including the ones that work on bugs, no telling when we'll see a fix. They certainly need to fix some things!
  5. richMac

    Survey summary

    Karma, I assume from your description that there is only one answer for each question. In that case, use a Boolean function to get a numerical value for each answer on each record. If your answer field with the value list is called Answer, create a new calculated field named StronglyDisagree with a number result with the function Answer="Stong Disagree". It will look like StonglyDisagree (Calculation, number)=Answer="StronglyDisagree" If true, in other words if the answer is "Strongly Disagree", then a 1 is returned. If not true then 0 is returned. Create a calculation like this for each value in your value list. Boolean functions have the advantage of being much faster that IF statements and should not affect the performance of your database. Then create a Summary field for StonglyDisagree, a Summary field for Disagree and so on. The Summary field will total the 1 for the positive response for each value in each record and give you the totals. Place these Summary fields in a Summary part of your layout, label them and you have your report. Trust you can take it from there. Happy FileMaking!
  6. richMac

    Dynamic Layouts using a calculated field

    Stool, Yes you can use several layouts using scripts to determine which layout to go to. Use the IF statement in your script to determine a layout based on a value in the record. For example, you could go to one letter if they are 30 days old, another if 60 and yet a stronger message if over 90. In your Go to Letter script, use IF statements to evaluate the age and then go to the appropriate layout. You can offer them the option to edit the message but this may not be the actual layout that you print. This may be an editing layout and when you hit the print button a script takes them to the printable layout. As far as a field in a field or what is more commonly referred to as mail merge, you can readily do this in FileMaker using the Substitute function. So your output or printed field would actually be a calculated field from the field that is edited. The Substitute function takes care of inserting the value for that record. Check out the Substitute function in FileMaker Help. Welcome to FileMaker! Richard McCulloch
  7. richMac

    FMP 7 Button Issues

    Migrated several files from v6 to v7 on OS X and the buttons are all acting screwy. Most just turn solid black. Ran the v2 updater and no improvement. I've even tried creating new buttons and get the same thing. This is just unusable. I did open the downloaded Business Tracker and the buttons there work fine and new buttons I create in that file work fine. This must have something to do with conversion but I cannot figure it out. Has anyone else experienced this?

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