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    ......wouldn't it be luverly

    .... and, actually, when the rumours about 7 were flying thick and fast in the Mac journals last year, that was one of the things that scored quite high ! Come on, FileMaker ! Give us poor developers a chance. When I'm working in Xcode, I can * edit *. When I'm back in FM7 Scriptmaker, it feels like some guy has tied my arms together .............
  2. Has anyone ever experienced this ? FM Server 5.5 serving to 3 or 4 users with FM Pro 6. Mac G5 running OS X 10.3.4. Server daemon is set to auto-start using the normal conventional startup file. The server (and everything else) suffered a power fail. On restarting, not only were the statuses of current record ID's reset to mad values (we use these to tag records), but files contained records with field contents from other records ! ! The whole shared database (4 files) was a mess and necessitated a lot of manual reconstruction. Very bad news. I can understand a simple record corruption on power fail, and the loss of currently accessed record is not a heavy price to pay, but this situation was the worst I have seen in 30 years of application programming. Clues, anyone ? (Yes, I know we should have had a UPS in place ;-) We have NOW !)
  3. .........if you could lift x lines of script using Cmd-C and then paste into another script using Cmd-V ? Not a lot to ask in this day and age, is it ?

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