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  1. Thanks for all the ideas. I worked out a script that uses the status of the current portal row and the status of the repetition number (of the repeating field) to do the work. It's attached. I like the length of Bruce's AppleScript, though! FileMaker Version: Dev 6 Platform: Mac OS X Panther PortalToRepeatingField.pdf
  2. I like this idea very much since in the end I will have a portal layout in the Invoice database anyway. However, I find that if the portal is, say, 10 lines long and only two rows have items in them, then as I run through the portal rows to copy and paste into the repeating field, when I reach row three and every row thereafter, the script simply goes to row two and pastes that item into row 3, 4, ...10 of the repeating field. (I have to run the script through all the portal rows, I believe, because it's the only way to match each one to a repeating field, and I don't know in advance how many portal rows will be occupied.) At this point I'm stuck on how to work around this behavior. Any ideas? Thanks. FileMaker Version: Dev 6 Platform: Mac OS X Panther
  3. This procedure works nicely for one order - there's a direct match between the global repeating field in Line Items and the repeating field in Invoice. However, I'm struggling with covering more than one order at a time, since it looks like I'd have to import one order, then build the global field for the second order, and so forth. Any further ideas? Thanks. FileMaker Version: Dev 6 Platform: Mac OS X Panther
  4. Thanks for all the replies that came in while I was mowing the yard! Looks like some very useful tips among them. I'll experiment and get back with the final version. As far as WHY repeating fields, well, as I said, it's complicated. Hint: it's related to client bureaucracy. Thanks again.
  5. Ultimately I'll be eliminating repeating fields in my client's database but in this transition period I must must must import into repeating fields. To simplify: I have a LineItems database with an Orders field. Each record has an order number and an item field. I have an Invoice database with an Orders field (that matches the LineItems Orders field) and a repeating field for the items. I must get the items from LineItems into the repeating fields found in the Invoice. Yes, a portal works beautifully but for very complicated reasons I cannot use the portal just yet. I must get those items into the repeating fields. I've been gnawing away at this problem and feel I'm making some progress, but I feel someone else may have done this before and may give me a jump start. Any help greatly appreciated! FileMaker Version: 6 Platform: Mac OS X Panther
  6. Panama Coffee

    some other ODBC driver

    I have a driver I need to reach a MySQL database. I can reach it from the Terminal. But I can't get FileMaker to recognize the driver. I've gotten rid of the built-in text driver, but how do I get FM Pro (v. 6 on Mac OS X) to recognize the new driver? Thanks.

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