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  1. The idea is simple. I just don't know how to make it work. The database has 3 main fields: ID Number, First Name, Last Name It is for inputing a name to get the related ID Number. It is for children to use so I want it to operate as simply as possible. The first page I have them Type their First Name. It does a simple find. The second page I want to display a list of all last names that match the first name. Then they could choose - click on - put an X by - something -- the last name and it would continue to the related record and display the ID Number. I created a portal to display the last names, but I do not know how to allow selection of a record from a portal. Thanks for your help. Or if another approach is better, I'm open. I was having them type the first 4 letters of the last name and then completing the search - but I thought the idea of CHOOSING a last name from a list would be simpler.
  2. Thanks so much for your help. The Shadow got it right. It works great. I had tried a lot of things, but not that. BTW, "DateEntered" field is a date format.
  3. The price of an item varies based on the Date it was purchased. Field DateEntered = the date the record was created (purchase date) cSetPrice is designed to establish the price. I have tried lots of things, but this would seem to be what should work: Case ( Date Entered < 9/1/2002; 9.50; Date Entered > 9/1/2004; 11.50; 10.50) My guess is that the date is the probelm, but a search for < or > works fine on the date field. But the formula is not working. I am always getting the default. Apparently the evaluation is not working. The result should be a number. Thanks for the help.
  4. OK. Thanks. It works fine doing it that way. I just had hoped there would be an easier way. Now Outlook 2003 complains with each email that another program is sending an email and wants me to say "yes" or "no" I authorize it. Maybe someone knows a way to turn off this security feature. It seems to be well hidden.
  5. Using FM7 I have a field for the email address in the database of individuals. I perform a find and I select in the "send email" script step to get the address from that field and to "Get valuses from every record." But for the subject, I need to say "TO " & [field name] Full_Name. However, with this approach, it will send all the emails with the name of the First Record in the subject line. Is there any way to somehow personalize each email -- either in the subject line or the message -- with the contents of a field? Thanks!
  6. Thanks, The Shadow. Using 2 Versions of the Child DB with different relationships is great. Now I will look at your example. If I had known there was an example already, I wouldn't have asked the question -- but my searches did not find the answer.
  7. The challenge now is to show the verses for each day - yet still be able to show TOTAL points for ALL days. I set up a second relationship for Day Entered in both the Child and Parent DB. So on the Layout I can choose a child, Type "Monday" in the Day Field and the portal will display all the verses for the child for that day. And that will calculate the points earned that day. So far so good. But what if I want to be able to have a field with the total points for all days for that child. I haven't figured that out yet. Or - what if I want to be able somewhere to display ALL the verses learned by that child. I seem to have precluded that by having the double relationship which specifies both Child ID and Day Learned. Can you help with that. And thanks so much for your efforts.
  8. OK. I got it. All you have to do is post and then you think of the answer. I've been wrestling with this 2 days before posting. It is just thinking about it in reverse. The Memory Verse Data base just inputs & associates to the Memory Verse Code the ID of all the kids who did that verse. Then a Portal will show all the verses that kid has been posted to. If you have any further refinements, I'm listening. I think I will forget about the day they learned the verse. That may not be important. But is there any way to break up the portal list. What if it contain 100 listings? Maybe I should record the day learned - sort by that - and have portals based on the search result. I'll have to study how to do that.
  9. Hi, I work a little with Filemaker Pro but not enough to really know what I'm doing. I am trying to add to my Kid's Church DB the ability to record Memory Verses for VBS and the Reward Points associated with it. The Main DB Records are of children, and if we put this in another Table it might have: Child ID Number (related field), Name, Grade -- then VS Code & Points. For the verses, each verse has a Code Number(related field to Verse DB) and a points designation. I would like to do an input of the code number and look up the Points. These are in another DB. I would like to be able to enter 20 Verse codes & Points for each of 5 days - Monday through Friday. What comes to mind is a repeating table with 20 Reps - one for Code and one for Points for each of the 5 days. That's 10 fields. But repeating fields are VERY hard to script for lookups, etc. in the reps - and the common wisdom here is "GET RID OF REPEATING FIELDS" But I don't quite know how to do this without making hundreds of fields to replace them. How do I create the repetitions in a relational DB without a new field for each entry?
  10. It was the 13th record on each page of a 7 page report. I simply started from scratch and created the layout all over again and it is not doing it. So it must have been something ont he layout. Thanks.
  11. I have a very strange problem that does not relate directly to any topic. When I print a specific list view (from a script or not)if leaves out the name on the 13th entry. It prints everything else on that line - like age-grade-barcode, etc. I tried it on another printer to verify it was not just the print driver. It is not at the top or bottom of the page. There are 21 lines on the page. Any ideas?
  12. Rfox

    Creating record in related file

    Thanks Jim, I think I should impliment the idea to assign a unique Serial number to each entry. I can see that duplicate names would be a serious problem, even if they are unlikely in my situation. The idea of a script to create a new entry in the photo BD may also work. Since it is a DB of children attending Junior Church, the user is not the one whose name is in the DB. But all entries do NOT have pictures and there is no need for a record in the photo DB if there is no picture. So, a script to enter the photo when it is available will work. Good ideas!
  13. Here is the woking answer to this problem. I finally replaced 52 scripts with one. http://www.fmforums.com/threads/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=UBB15&Number=7127&Forum=,f15,&Words="variable%20field"&Searchpage=0&Limit=25&Main=7121&Search=true&where=bodysub&Name=&daterange=0&newerval=&newertype=&olderval=&oldertype=&bodyprev=#Post7127
  14. Rfox

    Creating record in related file

    Thanks John, The challenge is that "Full Name" *is* a calculation. It is First Name and Last Name joined (&). Maybe I could experiment with having the full name as an entry field and then Fist Name and Last Name as calculated fields from there. The reason for using the Full Name as the match File is I can't think of anything else that is unique to each child. If I had done serial numbers differently I could use that, but I am currently extracting Filemakers Record Number for the ID number.
  15. Rfox

    Creating record in related file

    I couldn't make the portal idea work, but this is what I did that works. However, I'd rather NOT have to run a script for data entry. In related file I made First Name and Last Name a relational field that gets it's info from the main DB. I made a script that enters New Record mode and pauses for data entry. On "Continue" if copies "Full Name" from Main DB to "Full Name" in relational DB. Thereby the full enry is completed. But this forces operator to select continue at the end of data entry to accomplish the objective. Is there a better way?

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