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  1. Man, you are a life saver! I can't begin to thank you enough. I have racking my brain on this one for about a week. Some of the text functions to me are not very intuitive. I guess if I worked with them long enough I could get there. Thanks again and have a great holiday!
  2. Hello, I have really been racking my brain on this one. Have used Filemaker for quite some time but my use of text functions have been limited. Anyway, I have some data I am importing into a field in my FM database from a shopping cart data base that looks like this: Field 1: CUSTOM,Priority Mail,6.95,0 Field 2: CUSTOM,Federal Express,11,0 Field 3: CUSTOM,First Class Mail,4.6,0 I am only interested in extracting the data between the commas to grab "Priority Mail", "Federal Express" and "First Class Mail" to place in one field in FM and the data between commas "6.95", "11" and "4.6" to place into another field in FM. I have tried different combinations of things and they have not been consisently successful. I was hoping there would be an easy function to search for commas and grab data between them as this is consistent throughout each field, i.e. data is not fixed length. Any help would be appreciated. John Stephen

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