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  1. Thanks -Queue-, I'll give that a try. Deo
  2. I have a fp5 file where multiple users can access but depending on the password, i want to control which layout is presented to that user. Can anyone guide me on how I can accomplish this? TIA, Deo
  3. Mike, The Quit or Close Pop-up dialog option is a great idea I hadn't even considered, Thanks. I take it that there is really no way of closing other related files without defining each one in the close script. Oh, well... Thanks Again, I really appreciate you taking the time. Deo
  4. Can someone please share better way on closing a main database file plus any other related database files used? I have a database that uses/rely on 10 other different databases. My document is set to run a script when closing the main document to performs 10 different Closes [ ]; is there a better way? TIA -Deo FileMaker Version: 6 Platform: Mac OS X Panther
  5. Hey..., Thanks Vaughan for pointing out the obvious. Thanks for your time.
  6. I get Summary fields for within a record. But what about if you have 35 records where each has a field called Total Value and you want to summarize all 35 and show the result in a list view. Is this possible? TIA, Deo FM Newbie
  7. Is it possible to sum up a particular value for all records? I'm using the an Expense Report from the canned template but would like to customize the list view to show a grand total of all expenses for all records. TIA Deo

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