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  1. Ok, here's what I'm having problems with. We have an Inquiry database that when someone calls to inquire about a product, we just type in the company inquiring and the catalog number. Once this happens, the catalog references the product file and it brings up all the information. I need a script that will count the number of times that each different product number comes up and display how many times each product has been inquiried about. I also need to do something like this for our orders, but that's another thread. Our product numbers are 6 digits (all numbers)... THANKS FOR ANY HELP!
  2. Hey Everyone, I'm trying to connect to a local database from a remote location. I downloaded the FM Server and figured I'd give it a shot. It's REALLY slow. I'm not sure if it's the design of our database or if it's just the nature of so much data going over the connection. Both ends have either DSL or Cable for internet access. Are there any tricks to speed FM Server up? Thanks!

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