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    counting days worked

    Thanks Ray! I finally had the time to try your solution and it worked perfectly. I really appreciate the time you took to help me. Could you recommend a book or website that would assist me with questions like this? Again Ray, I appreciate the time you took to assist me with my question. Thanks Joe
  2. I have fields as such: Ticket Number Date District (and others not pertinant) Ticket Number field is auto numbered, cant change, every record is unique. Date field is auto inserted, can change if needed. District field values are selected from a fixed list (CGSD, CASD, JMSD, SEGSD). I would like to keep a running count of days worked at each district and a grand total of all 4 districts. There could be several entries for each district on any day, example: Ticket Number Date District 1 11/03/2003 CGSD 2 11/03/2003 CGSD 3 11/03/2003 CGSD 4 11/04/2003 JMSD 5 11/04/2003 JMSD What I would like to see is that I worked 1 day at CGSD and 1 day at JMSD and total days worked would be 2. Any Help would be appreciated

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