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  1. jimbol46

    Filemaker and Zoho Integration

    I am helping a good friend's small business and they have already spent extensive time with Zoho CRM, to help them better isolate leads. I have started a good working relationship with the sales/IT individual who set this part up. To better learn the business we have been generating and reviewing functional workflows of the business process and data flow once the Zoho "Deal" is made. What we are planning is to create the Product Database tables in FMP; which will in turn used to build an invoice; which will push back a PDF form to Zoho CRM for the Deal Customer. The current plan is use FM WebDirect interface and have it called from Zoho. Are there any suggestions for assisting with the integration process.
  2. When attempting to cancel the actually printing of document from a script, FMGo locked at the Dialog box Continue Script. Print was canceled. Do you wish to continue with this script? Wether I selected No or Yes, nothing happened and I was forced to cancel the current session. When I let the script actually print the comment, it ran to a good EOJ. Any Ideas?
  3. Is there a means to tell which iPhone is running FM Go? I have created a Solution that I use to track my Disney Collection. It basically on my PC/Mac with screens for an iPad and iPhone 6plus. [I copy it to my iPhone 6Plus and it is not the primary input source] I have several friends in the Orlando Disneyana Club who may be interested. If I developed a less robust iPhone screens how could I distinguish between iPhone 5 and a 6plus. I am in the process creating system for a Toy Collector friend and I would have the same issue; unless I dumb the iPhone screen down to the lowest common dominator. I was hoping the Get(Device) would do the trick.. but It does not appear to on the surface.
  4. On FMP GO on and iPhone 6plus and a iPad, both with the latest IOS, sometimes the fields / buttons on the popover do not display. Please see attached. Any ideas as to why? On the sample below. I closed the file and then reopened and the navigation buttons were visible. The same has happened on the Character and More Popovers.
  5. jimbol46

    Running Filemaker Client on an RDS Server

    According to my Co-Consultant.. Outlook is running via RDS. FYI - Sidebar - Last night upgraded server from V13 to v14, did backup, did uninstall, fresh install of FMS V14, Checked settings, etc... things looked great.. File opened as expected. However there was an issue running FMP Go from my & Matt's iPad. In the Launch list we could see a file named Food Insp. Database [note period in name], I could open it using FMP Advanced v14. Matt and I could see file in Host launch list. However, when we clicked on from iPad, it said file not found. Also FMP Advanced v13, had the same issue. It could see but not really open. When renaming the file to Food Insp Database [without the period]. It worked. BTW, I cannot claim responsibility for the original name. I bit my tongue when initially taking on the project. I can open file in FMP Advanced v13 too. Question - with the rename would it be good to simple recovery or complex recovery with empty file and re-import table by table. thanks.. Jim
  6. jimbol46

    Running Filemaker Client on an RDS Server

    I just got a new HP Laptop with Windows 8.1 and loaded the same software on it ..[I was initially testing using Parallel and running Windows 8.1 / needed to stop finger pointing] The major difference is that my Office 365 & FMP are loaded locally. The script creates a report, saves a PDF and then sends email via Email-Client. e.g. it would open M/S Outlook with the generated email, works fine in the Mac environment and my New HP laptop. but on the machines running FMP & Office 365 via RDS.. nada... If the script did not have an attachment, it was a good EOJ. I had the plug-ins for Mandrill, 360Works & PCEM Send Mail working.. but they basically by passed the open Outlook environment. Finally my co-consutl who set up the environment, chatted with Filemaker and they suggest the Send Event to Outlook.exe.. and after a little work and being close we got the puppy to function as expected. I was so close many times .. but I was not putting the parse fields within quotes.. I have attached prints for a better idea of the script steps. part 2- it has issues with the Drop Down Menu generated from the relationship to the Contact of the person to assign the particular action too. client user says there is a message of it not available or blank. If they restart FMP, it goes away. Part 3 - I think we were having issues with going to printers too., but my co-consultant is working on an override solution. Part 4 - there may be some "Find" issues.. such as going to the previous find even when we attempt to tell to create new find. I have to do more research on this factor.
  7. My Filemaker client recently did a major environmental upgrade which includes a new Filemaker Server and hardware at the main and remote offices. Besides Office 365 running under RDS, the Filemaker Client too, access the FMS server files from a session on an RDS Server. 1. The first there a major issue was it could no longer call Microsoft Outlook an attachment. We tried several plug-in that functioned, but the user wanted to continue to be at Outlook first and then when/if necessary change / add email address. The issue was resolved using "Send Event" and parsing the data in the call to Outlook.exe. [it went from the simple Email using Client to line of code to about 10 lines of code... however, the client is happy and a great learning experience.] 2. There is a reoccurring issue that sometimes pop-up. the system has a relationship to a contact file for a specific type of contact. this Relationship is used to build a pull down value list and keep consistency throughout the overall system. How many other FMP users have experience using FM Client from a session on an RDS Server and have there been any obstacles to overcome. What were they and how did you overcome them. thanks in advance...
  8. About a week ago a weird thing happened, the background on reports on Windows machines only started to print the color BLUE on one of the files. The reports print fine from a MacBook Pro and from FM Go on an iPad. The PDFs from the file are consistent they are created fine from the Mac & iPad platform and blue from the Window's Platform. Objects with a background are not affected, for example the scanned logo shows white. On one of the reports I removed the solid white background and it then printed okay..I tried this on others with mixed results. This happens at my client's office, as well as, from Window 8.1 while running the Parallel 10 on my MacBook Pro. As a workaround, I thought of making a white back ground object.. unfortunately some of the text area needs to be slide up, so that isn't a real workable solution. I attempting to work with the client to perform a recovery of the file as a possible solution. Soil_Test_20140927.pdf Soil_Test_20140927_Macbook.pdf
  9. I am having an issue regarding Field Values List using related value Table one maintains collectors pieces, each piece has 3 fields use the Contact Id supplied data. Seller Id, Appraiser Id and Buyer Id, [All are numeric fields that are indexed] Table two maintains the contacts information and has a sub-table named Contacts Type – The same source can be a seller, an appraiser and a buyer. This sub-table maintains the Contacts foreign key and the Contact Name field populated via a look-up. I have a defined a self-relationship in the Contacts Type sub-table with 3 constant fields that auto-filled value of seller, appraiser and buyer that respectively relate to the Type Field. I have created a value list based on the self-relationship that has the Contact Id as part 1 and the Contact Name as part 2 and is related to the Source Table. This is my issue, I have 3 similar database one regarding model trains; One regarding Collections in general and one regarding cartoon characters. When I create a new collection piece the Seller Type names show with the Sellers value list, the appraiser with the Appraiser type names shows with the Appraiser value list and the Buyer type names show with the Buyers value list. On two of the database it works fine, when I create a new empty record, the correct values show up for Seller, Appraiser & Buyer and the same when I do a FIND command. However, on the 3rd, it does not. the value list shows “No Values” However, I have a partial workaround, if I do an auto-fill on the seller to an Unassigned Contact Id, the value list at least show up when populating the record for all three fields but the FIND command still shows “No Values”. The same hold true when I blank-out the value for the seller. I need ideas on resolving this issue. Thanks in advance for assistance
  10. I have used the Troi number plug in when summary fields has brought FMP to its knees regarding multiple summary fields to another file. it worked rather nice.
  11. Once a value is entered into a field then the value in the field can not be changed after the individual clicks / tabs into another field. sidebar -- these fields happen to be in a portal row. (I know I can do it using a script calling plug-in.. but I have my hands tied on this) Version: Developer v6 Platform: Windows XP

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