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  1. I work with a 120 files filemaker applications, running with filemaker server and 30 users in a LAN. I'm having problems publishing my files with web companion. I active the plug-in, select via sharing the web style and the layouts, but nothing happens with some files. I can publish some files but others don't.
  2. is there any significant difference in speed between TS alone and citrix metaframe on TS?
  3. We have been developing a solution in fmp for business for the last 4 years: payroll, accounting, budget, receivable, payable, local inventory, vendor inventory, factory production, finance calculator, dictionary, calendar, word processing, taxes, manager help, sales monitoring, PDA connections, transportation fee, etc. etc. etc . Along the years we find more solution and more ideas for every customer, and of course the tables increase little by little as more solutions are needed. Of course, with fmp 6 is posible to shorten the use of more tables compare to fmp 3. However, time pass and more solutions comes. It may happen in near future that we may get into a customer who may demand all are solutions for a big organization. Is there any way to go further of 125 tables?
  4. 1. has anyone tried the speed of fm server in a condition of 75 connected user with a solution of 120 tables?. Under this condition is the the amount of memory ram a significant effect? 500 Mb or 1024 Mb?, Is hiperthreading intel processor similar or significantly slower in speed than xeon in terms of fm functionality?. Is opteron or itanium processor a important jump in speed in terms of FM server functionality? I know the speed of the network, the speed of the hard disk and the speed of both side (client and server) are important elements in the whole context. However I am trying to balance the important of every element in a large network with 75 users and up. Has anyone balanced in % the impact of every element that affect the speed of the overall fm server system?
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