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    summing text from portal

    Thanks for the tip, I guess I meant 'agregate' not 'sum', sorry it was tough to get my thoughts down correctly after banging my head against my desk this morning. I much more lucid at the present time.
  2. archives8

    summing text from portal

    Ok, I'm stuck with a portal related problem. I have a portal thats displaying textual IDs from another table. There are up to ten related records being returned for each record in my database. I need to get all information out of each related record summed together into a single field in the database. For example, in a record in the database I have IDs from four related records in seperate portal rows 0027s1, 0027s2, 0027s3, and 0027s4. I would like this to become one single field that [0027s1 0027s2 0027s3 0027s4]. I have no problem summing togther numeric and date information, but am having no luck figuring out how to do this with text. Is this possible without having to trigger a script, I'd really prefer this to be automated? thanks ahead _don
  3. Fixed, sorry. I recently switched from a job where they were running 7, to one running 5, which caused my initial confusion. Nothing like the old fashioned work-arounds.
  4. I'm sorry, We're still on FM5 here, I might have mispoke when i said "quote function". I just need to add a couple of strings with quotation marks in them. No bother I just created a field with a single " in it, and Ill just reference that. A little extra typing... thanks -d
  5. Ummm, can't figure this out. I'm writing text calculations and cant seem to get my quotes inside of the "quotes" function. For example if I wanted to add "<xml version="1.0">" to a calculation, how do i do this without filemaker thinking I am terminating the quotes at the first quote. IF it helps in a perl script you would make it "xml version=/"1.0/">" Is there a similar way to do this so FM doesn't terminate my strings prematurally??? Thanks -confessed and utter newbie
  6. archives8

    anyone have a handle on xslt?

    ok well no one is answering to my seemingly simple problem. So I will ask a mor eabstract one then. Does it make more sense to go directly from my database into my storage (MODS) and display mediums (XHTML)using to seperate transformations, instead of converting from fm7 to mods to xhtml?? or does it really not make much of a difference at all?
  7. archives8

    anyone have a handle on xslt?

    Well Ive got my new database exporting into an XML schema called MODS. I'm happy this works, really. anyway now the problem, I wanted to take the information stored in these xml documents and disply them as simple xhtml. this should be fairly simple via xslt, but i cant get the xml information to properly display. I've attached a extremely simplistic version of a MODS document, and a hacked version of a XSLT example from w3.org. can anybody point out where my error is (I'm kind of at an impasse and can't further develop my project until i get this XSLT happening. thanks ahead, -d mods_xslt.zip
  8. can someone explain whether or not this is possible. I need to represent the following heirarchy in my files. ok an Item belongs to a series and a series belongs to a collection. no big deal, except that I have only two files in my database, an item file and a collection file. In the collection file there is a repeating text field that you enter the series titles. currently in my Item file I can assign what collection an item belongs two via a relationship and a value list (drop down list) based on the contents of the collection file. I would like to also be able to assign a series (again a drop down list)in the item record but limit it to the series (basically list the contents of that repeating text field)that belong to the collection that is selected. Is this possible without creating a series file and completely separating my series field from the collection file?? I really don't want the people that are using this database to have to open up another series file and join file just to define what the series are that are in a collection. I guess im curious whether or not information entered in a repeating text field is specific only to the record in which it was created? did that make any sense at all?? -Donald
  9. archives8

    relational database help (many to one??)

    cool thanks, I know how to do join files, my database design cops are rusty at best. I'm new to filemaker (which is weird to me, i have a sql background), so I'm never sure whether my problem is with my ignorance of the software, or just a pure conceptual flaw. thanks (back to work) -Donald
  10. archives8

    relational database help (many to one??)

    ok Im going to attach a .zip file with the two related .fp5 files. You can start by opening the item.fp5 file. I would like to be able to create a new record in this file, and then click on the "service" button, and create new records there that will go into the service file. right now i can open and edit records in the service file that I created in the service file itself. But whenever I try to enter information into any of the fields besides the link field, I get an error window stating the relationship is not valid. I have the option for create new records in related file checked in the define relationships dialog. thanks, -D problem_file.zip
  11. OK Im building a my first database in filemaker for a new project at work. Basically we are doing preservation work with audio recordings. The datbase is broken into four different tables (files). Two of these files are the original item file and a service copy file. There can be multiple original items on service copys. the main entry file is the original item file, and i would like to be able to edit service copy information from it. Right now I have a service copy view with a service id that links to the service file in my original item file. I can pull up the records in the service file, but i dont seem to be able to create new records. I should clarify, I can enter new information into the linked field (service_id), but when i try to enter information into any of the other fields (which arn't defined in the relationship) i get an error message saying the relationship is not valid. I can alter records that were entered directly in the service file, but i really need to be able to create brand new file within my master (original item) file. Do i just need to declare a relationship for each of the fields in my service file? This will end up being qute a few relationships. thanks ahead for any advice, and i hope this wasn't overly confusing. -D
  12. DOh! Ok figured out the problem. I had the buttons originally up in the header (made for clean navigation). Of course the script doesnt know what record to look at if the button isnt attached to the record. uggh. I guess you just have to learn some things the hard way. Thanks for the layout table tip. I'll try to integrate that tommorow, makes much more logical sense. -Don
  13. ok this is what the scriptmaker looks like right now, but when I click on the button i have setup for this action nothing happens. If ["Item_medium = "Analog cassette tape""] Go to Layout ["casette"] End If ---- am I missing something very obvious??
  14. Hi, I'm developing a new database at my job, and I'm new to how the filemaker scriptmaker works. I would like to have a script that checks the contents of a field and brings up the view that relates to that field. I'm dealing with a database that records technical information about many different types of recorded mediums. I need to be able to display the physical characteristics of each medium, based on the code for that medium. So if in the medium for a filemaker record is "cassette" I would like the database to display the casette characteristics view when the user hits a characteristics view button. basically: on button if medium == cassette go to cassette view elseif [next medium].... except that i have many types of mediums. I've been working with the manual but with little luck getting the scriptmaker to work. any hints or tips out there. thanks, -Don

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