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  1. The scenario is that, my company is taking inbound phone calls from prospective buyers, who either get the phone number from the manufacturers website or recieve an marketing mail piece. They then call in and answer questions, among them a timeframe question, unit amount,and planned initiatives to purchase. Those are the questions that "qualify" a Lead Type (AA,AA-,A, etc). What i am after is,the second to last result in the calculation "Preferred Reseller" can have one of two values. This result may not happen each and every time someone calls in and answers questions. That is really determined by the amount of units they will be purchasing (less thatn 20). So, I'm not looking at the previous record, but the last record that resulted in "Preferred Reseller", as DanBrill stated. As for a unique Timeframe field,or any of those referenced, the data is exported then email to another vendor, who imports it into a sales database (like SalesForce.com)thus resrticting my formatting. Due to this, questions that have multiple choice are value list of checkboxes, and an export field substituing the breaks for comma's and no they are not based on repeating fields. I believe DanBrill is pointing me in the correct direction, using the set field script step, but am open to any other suggestions Thanks to all, Twist

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