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  1. Excellent! That did pretty much exactly what I was looking for. I can't believe it was something so simple. Thanks a ton.
  2. I'm sure there a better way I could have implemented, but I'm hoping there's a function/calculation/script that can do what I want. As an example, I have a field pulling down a value list of a few dozen items, with checkboxes. Say I check 6 of these items. What I want is a second field that will list only the items from the first field that are checked (the new field also with checkboxes). Is this doable with a function or something similar?
  3. Not sure if this is the right forum, but I couldn't find a better one... I'm looking at putting together a small database to track customers and their websites (I do a little web host reselling) and to create invoices. But before I dive in, I wanted to see if there was already something out there that would work well. Anyone know of something that might work? Or that I could modify to work?
  4. Is it possible, when sending an email with the contents of the email being drawn from a field, to keep the formatting of the text (color, bold, etc.)? My email is coming out plain text, and I'd like it to be formatting as it is in the db.
  5. Never mind. I've figured it out.
  6. I know that FileMaker has the ability to email straight from the program, but I'm looking for something different. I'd like to send the contents of a particular field to a new message in Apple Mail (preferably with the Subject and To fields filled out in the Mail message). Is this possible? I just need a push in the right direction (not very good with the scripts). Thanks
  7. Thanks Fenton! I did see where you entered the records, so I've got that down. Still working on the rest, but I appreciate the files to work from.
  8. Fenton, scratch the one question. Just realize that items can just be deleted from that list. Which means this is exactly what I'm wanting! But I'm still having a hard time making any sense of what you did. Definitely beyond what I've done thus far with FM. I'll keep looking into it, though. Thanks a ton for this. It's perfect. One question to point me in the right direction: I can't find where the actual item list is stored. I see the option to choose between fruit and animals, and the options in each list, but I can't find where those items are actually stored. Can you point me in the right direction there?
  9. Fenton, that looks great! One question: after items are selected and appear in the 'items' field, is there an easy way to then be able to remove the items, one at a time? My other problem is trying to figure out exactly how you set that up. ???
  10. Dimwhit

    General Capacity question

    Hmm. I've got all the fields in one table. I've never quite grasped the whole multi-table method, though I certainly need to. Is it possible to take a group of fields and re-assign them to their own table?
  11. Not sure where to ask this, so I'll put it here. By the time I'm done with my project, I'll have close to 1000 fields defined and a hundred or more value lists (with many value lists having up to several dozen entries). Is that a lot? Am I creating an unwieldy database that will be prone to error, or is this small potatoes?
  12. Never mind. That was a custom function, and I don't have FM Pro Advanced, so I can't create it in my db.
  13. Dang, I actually had a second question regarding it. Is it possible to deselect items from the list from the referenced field instead of the original checkbox list? (I should probably just start a new thread about this...)
  14. comment, I know this wasn't your file at first, but I'm wondering something. The post you linked to had something I really want to use (select items from a valuelist and have them appear in a separate field). My question, though: do you know if it's possible to make it so one item in a list can be selected more than once and appear twice or more in the other field?
  15. That's not a bad idea. but I'm going to be doing a number of lists with hundreds of items when all is said and done. I'd like to avoid an additional field for each item. But that does give me an idea where to go. I'll keep fiddling.

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