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    Field Borders, puzzling?

    In the past, I've had an issue with borders and found it is usually associated with changing Field Format from standard to Pop-Up Menu. Those special formats apply or remove their own bordering preferences. Not sure about labels, though... the only thing I can think of is that while you may have set up borders in the Field Borders... option, you may have the pen set to either a) None for size, or empty set under the fill. These settings can be found on the left in the status bar. Otherwise, I'm clueless without seeing it.
  2. Lupine

    Filtering what gets shown in the portal

    Cobalt, et al, I apologize for never replying to this. I got VERY busy with teaching classes, and I'm only now just getting back into some redesign. This solution looks like it will be much better than what I'm doing now. I will be implementing this in the next few weeks...I'll keep you updated on progress.
  3. So I'm coming back to FM after about a 10-year hiatus...so using portals is new for me and I'm still trying to get my brain around it. I am developing a CRM for my school, and I'm having difficulty in producing the report cards and transcripts the way I'd like. Here's the deal. I have a file that holds registration and grade information (Registration). It relates to other files that hold specifics (StudentInfo, Courses, Classes, Faculty, etc.). Course stores info about courses like the name, resources, credit offered, and credit domain (like Math or English). The Classes file stores info about which semester and class period a class is offered, and relates to the Courses file (this allows for multiple instances of a Course during the same time period without double entry of data). Registration, in turn, relates a student with a class and stores their grade along with the credit they have earned in the course's domain. My StudentInfo file contains the layouts for the report card and transcript. They use a different relationship for each semester...the left side of the key uses a calculation in StudentInfo that matches a concatenation on the right side in Registration to pull only the classes for a given semester into a portal. Here's my problem: in the Transciript, I have a portal for each semester that the student was matriculated with our school. I only want to show the records from Registration that affect GPA - I want to filter the Pass/Fail classes. Example: On the Grade Report, Johnny Smith shows the following in the portal for Fall2003: Math Algebra1 B+ 3.5 Literature Cr. Writing A- 3.7 Language French1 B- 3.0 Pers.Dev. Research Sk. Pass Pers.Dev. Typing Sk. Pass etc. On the Transcript, I only want to show the classes with decimal values, as those are the only ones that affect the Grade Point Average. How can I filter out the records that are Pass/Fail (in the example, the Pers.Dev. classes)? Sorry for the length, but I wanted to be thorough to avoid the ping ping post. TIA for any advice. -= Lupine =- [color:"blue"]

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