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  1. Tried the GraphicsImporter approach (version 2.2). Works great - thanks for the tip!
  2. In OS X, you can use URL Access Scripting to download the file, as below (in this example it downloads it to your user Documents folder) set docFolder to path to documents folder as string set theFile to docFolder & ":temp file.jpg" tell application "URL Access Scripting" activate set imageURL to http://mySite/myPic.jpg try download imageURL to file theFile with progress replacing yes end try try quit end try end tell You can then put a reference to the image file in your container field, as below: tell application "FileMaker Pro" set data of cell "Container" of current record of database 1 to file theFile end tell A possible problem with the above approach is that it does not put the actual data for the image in the FMP container, just a reference to it; move the original file, and you lose the image. AFAIK, there is no way to store the data in a FMP container using AppleScript without some help. If you want to store the data, you can use the GraphicsImporter OSAX (available for free at http://osaxen.com/graphicsimporter.html or at http://www.azug.gr.jp/~h-abe/freeware/gio/index.en.html), like so (after downloading the file): set theImage to giconvert file theFile tell application "FileMaker Pro" set cell "Container" of current record of database 1 to theImage end tell Good luck!
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