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  1. Eliz309

    Global Field clearing out

    What if I want the same information to be seen and modifiable by all users on multiple layouts? Like you would if you were putting a company address on multiple layouts and you would want any user to be able to update it if it changed.
  2. Eliz309

    Global Field clearing out

    Thanks for the suggestions. I will take a look at them and see what will work for us. Thanks again.
  3. Eliz309

    Global Field clearing out

    I created a database with a global field in FM 6 , we have upgraded to FM9 and now use server to serve it. Now the global field erases any changes when we close the file. How do I get it to hold the changes?
  4. We have a FM v6 system with no server program that we have been using for a few years. Now we need to allow access to outside users via Microsoft terminal server. Would terminal server 5 or 5.5 work for this?
  5. When I try to learn a word to my user dictionary I am getting an error message, " Claris Error: Unable to add word to dictionary" I created a new blank dictionary and I am getting the same error. This is something that has just started happening, I thought maybe I had reached the limit on adding words that is why I made a blank dictionary. Any suggestions?
  6. Eliz309

    multiple items not sorting?

    Here is a screen shot of the portal. I am sorting by value list Main Specials Pricing I thought that if the field contained "MAIN PRICING" it would sort those with the Mains at the top of the list, but they go straight to the bottom? Listsample.pdf
  7. Eliz309

    multiple items not sorting?

    It is a Textfield.
  8. Eliz309

    multiple items not sorting?

    I have a portal in Companies that shows all related Contact. In the Contact file I have checkboxes for MAIN, SPECIALS, PRICING... I would like to have the portal in Company file sort these on the value list for the checkboxes (MAIN, SPECIALS, PRICING). This works fine when 1 checkbox is selected but as soon as the Main Contact also receives specials the person goes to the end of the list. Does anyone know how i can fix this?
  9. Eliz309

    Exporting Multiple Portal Records

    Try exporting out of Grid. When you get to the area where you select the fields to export, select the Lith file and export the lith value from there. It will export the realated value from the Lith file. I had a situation with company and company contacts, where when I exported the related contacts from company I couldn't get at list that had the company name filled in for each contact. When i exported from the contact field, it duplicated the company name for each. Hope this works for you.
  10. I am currently running a FM6Pro database with 8 users sharing the files over the network. We have recently upgraded our network and I will now need to add 3 remote users who will connect using the terminal server. I don't know anything about this stuff and my knowledge of filemaker is limited. My questions are: 1. Where is the optimal place for the files to reside (server, terminal server, should it be on its own machine) 2. Should the answer to #1 also be the host? 3. What versions of Filemaker do we need to upgrade to in order to have 8 local users and 3 remote users? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  11. I orderd FM8 upgrade since we had FM6. So now I have software installed on 8 computers and I find out that you can only have 5 concurrent users. We have about 6 files that we need to share, at least 3 of them are used by all 8 users all day. I see that maybe server would have been a better choice for an upgrade, but I have already spent the money on FM8. Am I understanding that I have to buy the full version of FM 8 Server to upgrade my 8 users from FM6?
  12. thanks, that worked. I had to enter ">="&DATETOTEXT(lastupdate)in order to get the date formatted correctly but that gave me the result I was looking for. thanks again for your help.
  13. I am trying to do the same thing and I can't seem to get it to work. I'm using v6. I am trying to find all of the records that have been modified(date field) since my last export (global date field) I have in my script Enter Find Mode[] Set Field [">" & lastexport] Perform Find When the script runs it is only putting the date in, not the symbols. When I modify the Set field to modified &">="& lastupdate it just enters the first date and nothing else. Can anyone help?
  14. Eliz309

    Show field based on item selected

    Is there a way that I can have a list of field names down the left side of the layout that when a particular item is pushed dispays that field information on the right? (without makeing a layout for each field) Any suggestions?

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