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    Script to separate text

    Spot on thanks, should have tried that , I thought it would pick up the commas... it works thanks for your help
  2. Is there a script that can separate a block of text and insert in to different fields: ie:text field: apple,orange,banana to : field1:apple field2:orange field3:banana thanks eric
  3. Eric Number 7

    import picture using calculation?

    If you are wanting to write a calculation based on values in a field to determine the path of the image ( I think that is what you mean ) You have to use the Troi plug in there are some extended functions that enable you to do this. Also you can log the error code in a field during the import, then this will tell you wether or not the image was found. You can define a calculation field call "Image_Path" , a "folder" field, "image_name" field: russell up something like this: "file://osx/users/....../"&folder&"/"&image_name I have use this for that exact reason and work a treat You can get a demo which lasts 45 mins. from http://www.troi.com There are examples included, you can tinker with these to acheive what you want. hope this helps, eric
  4. Eric Number 7

    count duplicate fields values in a record

    Cheers, Ive adapted it a bit but used the logic behind it very impressed.... Thanks... eric
  5. Hi I have a record with 10 fields: ie Name1,Name2,Name3....Name10. The values of these fields can only appear no more than twice to be valid , how can I validate this and enter the result into a field ie. Names_valid ? e.g. Name1=fred Name2=fred Name3=dave Name4=dave Name5=charlie Name6=charlie Name7=harry Name8=harry Name9=frank Name10=frank is ok but: Name1=fred Name2=fred Name3=fred Name4=dave Name5=charlie Name6=charlie Name7=charlie Name8=harry Name9=frank Name10=frank is not! Can anyone help please!!!!
  6. Eric Number 7

    Path To Images

    Thanks Guys , the apple script does work , maybe I have to think about which way round I want to do it.Create pictures then ad the info It could be the way forward. Just one other point I see the way that the apple script grabs the path from the "image" containder field. So you cant reverse this and set the "image" containers path using apple script??? Anyway thanks for taking the time to respond both solutions have given me some ideas!!! Thanks again. Eric.
  7. Eric Number 7

    Path To Images

    Hi there... ok so this is the thing... when fmp stores a reference to a file where does this display ?? can I see the path itself in a text field Another reason why I use the direct reference is for web publishing. The path I have stored is a calculation field which generates an image path to the file. This works fine for the web site , but I need to show this refrenced image in the database. I hope this is clear!! (as mud probably) example here: Calculation field is : If(imageispartno="yes", "/images/"&Category&"/"&altpicure&".jpg", "/images/"&Category&"/"&picture&".jpg") This gives result "/images/hats/redhat.jpeg" or "/images/hats/bluehat.jpg" for eg. If I have a container field in FMp can I populate these fields using the above generated link?? Thanks Eric... p.s. nice vest Kenneth!!
  8. Eric Number 7

    Path To Images

    Hi, Regarding images on the web and in the database itself,I prefer to use direct references to an images rather than import image i.e.(/images/abc123.jpg) rather than import images into FMp then us the cdml tag ([fmp-image:picture] for eg) I cant find a way to display this image in fmp just using a reference to an image held in a field. Is this possible or do I have to hold both a link and import the image as well?.

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