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  1. You would need to use Filemaker Server 7 Advanced - otherwise you are limited to 5 concurrent users. Overview "Allow up to 100 users to simultaneously access a database that has been published to the web through Instant Web Publishing"
  2. There has been a similar post here. Hope it helps.
  3. As no-one has replied, there probably isn't an easy way. If you have know all the users and usernames then have a table with them in that has a 'logged_in' field (1's & 0's) that is set on a start-up script. Then loop the table for current users. However, you would also need a reliable way of knowing when they log out - don't know if this is possible when they shut the database down with an 'on close' script.
  4. Stick

    Layout question

    You can see the report if you use browse/list mode as well can't you. When do they revert back? when you switch to browse mode?
  5. You can do this using scripts. If its a related record - then 'go to related record' script step and use 'set field'. Or just 'go to layout', find the relevant record and use 'set field'
  6. For information, I contacted rapidhost.co.uk and they said they could host the database in the way that Reed has said. They were very very helpful!
  7. I have seen this problem in other posts - but it seems to be for multi-user environments. Mine is only used by 1 person at a time - but still I am getting 'record in use' errors. They have started appearing after upgrading to FM7 - the majority when I am using the 'replace contents' script step. I know there are additional locking features in FM7 - so what would I need to remember to fix this? Do I need to specifically use the 'commit record' step and things like that? Thanks
  8. Thanks, that's what I was afraid of! What are the main differences between fm6 and 7 for IWP?
  9. I have developed a solution in FM7 to use with IWP. However I did not realise that the server 7 had only just been released and hosting companies say in general it is going to be the middle of August until they are fully up and running with this! I need this working for July 12th - therefore is there a way of converting back from FM7 to FM6? Emma
  10. Anyone know of any ISP's that host FM 7 now?
  11. Stick

    Dynamic Portal Rows

    QuinTech - you are right, its the fact that there is a limit on the records for both list and table view. I was hoping to have a large portal so it would display all records at once and therefore be able to print them all off from a browser. I think I will try using the conditional portal page thing. I am sure there will be some kind of delay loading the page with a 500 row portal?! Thanks for both your help. M
  12. Stick

    Dynamic Portal Rows

    It probably would if I understood what you meant It has to be related, its not actually rows matching the total records in the table - it'll be a subset of these.. defined by a relationship. I think I'm just going to have to abandon the idea of printing from a browser. Thanks though! Emma
  13. This is for development in IWP. I have a report using a portal (because of the 5 record limit for list view) that needs to be printed out. However you are only able to print as much as the portal displays on screen. Is there a way to dynamically increase/decrease the portal rows so they match the number of records in the table? Thanks Emma
  14. I believe someone previously tried with word 2004 and it didn't work.
  15. Thank you for the info. I have just realised that the script step "Perform AppleScript" is not Instant Web Publishing (IWP) compatible. Any one know of a different way - my clients aren't happy to send lower case emails
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