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  1. As regards running the solution full screen with no toolbars etc - if you have advanced you can invoke 'kiosk mode' on your files and this will happen. Beware though that you have all the navigation buttons sorted out cos once you are into kiosk mode you will lose all native control, including closing the file(s) HTH Phil
  2. FWIW, Ray Cologan did a demo of a floating navigation palette that made buttons available in preview mode as far back as .fp5. The demo file can be found here http://www.nightwing.../demos1.html#d2 Don't know if it can be adapted to the more recent versions but I seem to recall that the technique was fairly simple but incredibly clever, as is the case with most of Ray's work Hth Phil I just converted this solution to FP7 to see if it worked and it did... and it made me smile it is so elegant. I have attached the file in case it helps.
  3. Hi everyone I am presetting some dates as an assumption that the user wants a report for the previous month. I intend to set a global (via script) to the 1st date of the month previous to the current date. I want to set another global to the last date of the month previous to the current date. I know this must be relatively simple but I cannot for the life of me work it out nor can I find it in the forum. Can anyone help please? Many thanks in advance Phil.
  4. Or if it helps you can load your globals from a file during your a startup script. Another option is to load the globals offline ( as a single user) and then uploadf again to the server. Users will see globals as they were last closed down in single user mode until such time as the user changes them. Just in case it helps Phil
  5. I am with LaRetta on this one. I allow users to change their serial reference but they never get to see the serial reference used by the system much less change it Phil
  6. Inky Phil

    PDF from a Runtime?

    Not a plugin but google 'paperless printer' and hsve a play with that. You should be able to produce a pdf with that but each workstation will have to have a copy installed hth Phil
  7. I don't know if this will help but there is a way of conditionally selecting the bottom field for entry and I have prepared and attached a simple file to demonstrate it. All credit to comment for the method Phil bottom_chooser.zip
  8. Do your report not from the related table but go to the table or t/o that contains the 'yes' data, perform a find to get your found set and do your report from there P
  9. After you have shown a custom dialogue you can use something like the following to set your direction If [Get(Lastmessagechoice)=1 and yourstatusfield = "live" ] Perform Script ["whatever"] Else If [Get(Lastmessagechoice)=1 and yourstatusfield = "dead"] Perform Script ["another direction"] Else If [Get(Lastmessagechoice)=2 and yourstatusfield = "live"] Perform Script ["a 3rd direction"] Else If [Get(Lastmessagechoice)=2 and yourstatusfield = "dead"] Perform Script ["a 4th direction"] Else Perform Script ["do this if none of the above apply"] End If The above gives you 4 options and a default but it can be extended to cover as many options as you might have. It is also just a very basic script to demonstrate the idea of options after a custom dialogue which I think is what you were looking for hth Phil
  10. A calc field would give you the same message Phil
  11. Hi Drew, Have a look at tabs. They are the only way that you are going to fit more and more levels of detail into what seems to be an already quite full layout. HTH Phil
  12. I might well use calc fields with extensive use of the case function to get so many variations Phil
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