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  1. Thanks IdealData, we are going to look into this!
  2. We need to run a FMpro Go 24x7 on iPad, connected to FMserver. Let's say the screen shows sign in / sing out information of employees. What happens no, that after a certain period of time, the fmpro go clients get disconnected "Host is not longer responding, do you want to reconnect?" Server (FMS 16) is up, energy saver settings all set to 24x7 running, fmreauthenticate set to 0. Anyone can assist is having the go client running 24x7 even if there is no interactivity at the iPad?
  3. FINALLY! Got it working, error i made was that i used a script to export the container contents.... when you just put the container field on the layout IWP automatically changes it to a correct URL. No script needed. Tested this on the Mac - Safari and IE 8.0
  4. did you manage to fix this issue already? We got the same problems here.
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