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  1. I followed your posts and want to add a comment. I am sending out a demo CD and locked many of the features. After locking everything, I added the .fp5 and when I tried out the demo, error messages popped up. They noted that with Read Only and locked layers it could not continue and that it was necessary to unlock and open and close before proceeding. When I tried following those instructions, I could not open some components...at all! Fortunately, I kept a separate backup and started over with a clean copy. I opened each component and did a "Save A Copy As" and added the .fp5. It wo
  2. For fellow newbies: I solved this problem with a script that included the step "Import Records [Restore]". The main database had already isolated records according to the requested category. The script in general, and this step specifically, imported just those isolated records. I now have the list of extant ID Numbers to assist the user in determining the next ID Number. Cheers!
  3. I have a database that groups records according to a category with a component to check for New Record ID number duplications. A script automatically summons a separate table, Current ID Numbers In Use, to display all the found existing ID numbers for the selected category. The table uses a portal with a related field, ::ID_#_[Fabrication], from the main database component. The table now lists the entire database's ID numbers, not the found set which the main component has isolated. What do I need to do to display only the found numbers? TIA
  4. Thanx Vaughan, I'll include the zip archive. And, I'll make certain the extension .fp5 is on each file before zipping. Any suggestions for Mac OS files before burning? L.
  5. This is something new for me: I'm preparing a demo CD with a sampling of solutions for use on Mac and Windows platforms. Is it necessary to add the extension, .fp5, to all files to allow cross platform access? Are there any other preparations required for access by these platforms or generally recommended? TIA
  6. Crisis over! A forgotten closing script checking for empty records was still activated and since the imported records did not have that field ... poof, 716 records disappeared. I knew it had to be a simple mistake because no one, anywhere!, sought help for this problem description. Still newbie after all these years.
  7. Importing seems to be a simple matter yet, the 700+ imported records just keep disappearing. The target file indicates that it received the records, however, when the file is reopened after being closed the counter reads 0. Also, the source file is 29megs and after the records have disappeared, the target file is 450Kb. If this is a corrupt file, is there a way to confirm? TIA
  8. Vaughan suggested "It might be time to consider exporting to mail merge in Word if something like a sophisticated Widow/Orphan control is needed." Now that suggestion put the fear in me; I've renewed my spirit of compromise. In lieu of Word... should I go back to the single text field for the suite to push it to page 2? Individual fields? If so, is there anything else you would suggest I do? As far as the lines for the client's signature and date, I will try creating them in Illustrator and importing them as a picture and group the parts.
  9. Thanks for responding so quickly, Vaughan. It's been fun following all the help you have given. Regarding my issue, perhaps I didn't state the situation clearly. The closing, the consultant's signature and the client's signature and date, with two lines for the client's entry, is a suite that I typed onto the layout in the part called a Trailing Grand Summary. I want to continue to use this suite with the lines, etc. The problem is that the closing, "Best regards", appears on page one and the rest is on page two. I want to push the "Best regards" to page two with the rest of its suit
  10. I would like to force template text (typed onto the Layout) to create a new page when that text exceeds a limit down the page. This is necessitated by an itemized list part that will vary from one item to many. Below the itemized list area, I have a Trailing Grand Summary part that contains calculation fields for total, tax, etc. Following that is a disclosure statement, closing and client's signature and date area. I could easily place the text in a text field except there is no tool that can draw a line for the client's signature and date in the (Browser) text field. One has to use the under
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