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  1. Good catch on the 100, I actually fixed that after I posted. I was hoping there would be some kind of magical function of which I wasn't aware that would allow me not to have to explicitly list each Case.
  2. I agree with everything you said...best practices and what not. However in this case, I just used FMPro to generate a list of Price Discounts for a 1 time deal to spit out some Excel spreadsheets for the beancounter nitwits in the office. I could have done the same thing in Excel but then I would have had to find a suitable closet rack to hang myself from when I handed them an Excel file with formulas in it and watched them burn the building to the ground like a scene from Planet of the Apes. I was mainly curious if there was a more "direct" way to achieve what I did with the inordinately verbose Let statement I used.
  3. Ok, so I may have stumbled into somewhat of a solution.... I used this: Let ( [ $Price = Price ; $Discount = Case ( $Price < 10 ; .0025 ; $Price < 50 ; .005; $Price < 100 ; .0075 ; $Price > 100 ; .01 )]; $Price - Price * $Discount) I'm positive someone on here has a more elegant solution?
  4. I have a field called Price. I need to create another field called calculated price that will add a percentage depending on the value of the original Price field. Example: If the Price is $100.00 or more Subtract 10% from the price If the price is $10.00 or less Subtract .25% If the Price is between $10 and $50.00 Subtract .5% If the Price is between $50 and %100.00 Subtract .75% and so on and so on... So if I have a record with a Price of $1.00 the calculation will fill in the Calculated Price field with $.75
  5. I never really expected FMPro to handle if/then logic via SQL syntax. The more you know I suppose. Thanks for all your help.
  6. Huzzah! This is the part that I was missing. I mistakenly thought that when the BillableWeight was say "4" in your example....That both statements of ≤ 5 and ≤ 10 would both return true. So is that in this calculation FMPro will just evaluate to the first true statement and then stop?
  7. Explain Like I'm 5? Here's the new formula for the shipping rates... 0.01 - 0.69 lbs = $4.99 0.70 - 0.99 lbs = $5.79 1.00 - 8.00 lbs = $5.99 + .80 per lb I understand evaluating something like ≤ .70 ; $4.99 But I'm not understanding how I would get to >.70 ≤ .99 ; 5.79 ; In order to evaluate the new pricing structure I have to be able to define a cost as being between two sets of weights instead of just being less than X.
  8. I got a very helpful reply here once regarding calculating shipping costs using this formula: Case ( BillableWeight ≤ 1 ; 8.99 ; BillableWeight ≤ 10 ; 8.99 + 0.5 * BillableWeight ; 9.99 + 0.4 * BillableWeight ) Not however, the terms have changed and I need to evaluate charges that are BETWEEN certain values.... For instance: ≤ 1 ; 8,99 ; is no longer true... Now it's .01 - .69 = 4.99 etc... How would I go about modifying the calculation to evaluate between two values instead of less than a value?
  9. Well both statements are true. In the first example I stated that in my hypothetical solution the first 4 days of May (let's say) already have appointments assigned to them and therefore would be removed from the list. The list would show the 5th through the 31st as being available still. In my second statement I made mention of the fact that my appointment system handles dates that are often outside of the current month. For example in June.... So what I'm trying to do is basically show a list of dates still available for appointment after doing a find for a given date range... Example: I do a find for the 10th of May through the 8th of June....the list would only show me dates within that range that do not currently have any appointments...
  10. I watched the video and read through the thread but it doesn't seem applicable to my situation. I need to be able to create appointments sometimes 30-60 days out. So if I were to do a find for all appointments in say June....the list would only show the remaining available dates in June, etc..
  11. Well for instance let's say I have appointments scheduled for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th of May. May 5th through the 31st would show in a list like 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th etc..etc... and each time a new appointment was added that date would disappear from the list as it's "taken" What I'm trying to do is create a "quick view" as it were of open available dates...
  12. I'm working on a small job scheduling system for myself. When a work order comes in I assign a date to it manually. What's I'm trying to do is show a list somewhere on my layout of remaining available dates in that month. I'm not sure where to start with calculating that or displaying it.
  13. One last thing...I would like to understand why your solution worked. Did I approach the problem from the wrong end? It appears you decided to subsummary by Salesperson first then by Company Name....?
  14. NVM, I found my stupidity...I added the Saleperson field to the layout instead of the SalesPerson Name field... Awesome...thank you so much...you solved a huge problem for me. Thanks for all the help guys. Truly great forums and super helpful.
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