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  1. Show Top 10 by DropDown Selection

    One last thing...I would like to understand why your solution worked. Did I approach the problem from the wrong end? It appears you decided to subsummary by Salesperson first then by Company Name....?
  2. Show Top 10 by DropDown Selection

    NVM, I found my stupidity...I added the Saleperson field to the layout instead of the SalesPerson Name field... Awesome...thank you so much...you solved a huge problem for me. Thanks for all the help guys. Truly great forums and super helpful.
  3. Show Top 10 by DropDown Selection

    That's great...and I've recreated it with the buttons and the sort order like in your example except all I get is a list of customer names with their Invoice Totals...no salesperson names....am I supposed to sort this a certain way first or do a find for the salesperson then use the sort button etc? I only ask because I noticed you added another subsummary part that's ordered by salesperson name when sorted by salesperson name..which I have also done...yet the salesperson name doesn't appear in mine?
  4. Show Top 10 by DropDown Selection

    "reorder by summary field option" What does that do and how would I use it? I've attached the file if anyone wants a look at it..it's got demo data in it BARE.fmp12
  5. Show Top 10 by DropDown Selection

    I haven't had very good luck with SQL in Filemaker for some reason...so I thought I'd stick to FM's native functions... This seems like this should be a very simple thing...and I'm finding all kinds of neat tricks like trailing grand summaries in list mode and all that, but I literally have 5 fields. Customer Name, Date, ProductSKU, Qty Sold, Invoice Total and SalesPerson Name... Obviously each customer can and does have multiple invoices....So all I'm trying to is add up all the invoice totals for each customer, do a find by the SalesPerson name and then sort the list by the Invoice Total so that I can print off a list of the top 10-20 customers by dollar amount for each salesperson.... Customer A invoice Total = 100.00 Salesperson Joe Customer A Invoice Total=25.00 Salesperson Joe Customer B Invoice Total = 10.00 Salesperson Joe Customer A Invoice Total = 10.00 Salesperson Mary Customer A Invoice Total = 20.00 Salesperson Mary Customer B Invoice Total = 20.00 Salesperson Mary Customer C Invoice Total = 30.00 Salesperson Mary Customer C Invoice Total = 50.00 Salesperson Mary This is how the current table view appears (mostly) What I want to see when I do a find/report by Salesperson Name for Salesperson Joe is this: Customer A Invoice Totals = 125.00 Salesperson Joe Customer B Invoice Totals = 10.00 Salesperson Joe Then if I do a find for Mary I get: Customer A Invoice Totals = 30.00 Salesperson Mary Customer B Invoice Totals = 20.00 Salesperson Mary Customer C Invoice Totals = 80.00 Salesperson Mary Then I need to be able to do the sort on the Invoice Totals to show for example that Mary's top customers in order are Customer C Customer A Customer B
  6. Show Top 10 by DropDown Selection

    For various reasons that would lead down a rabbit hole I can't do any of those things mentioned but i do appreciate the sentiment. I'm merely a consultant trying to make do with a pile of junk left behind by another employee. I could dump all the data into a MySQL db and create anything I wanted but again without going down a rabbit hole...I'm stuck with access to this thing. So that being said...I did watch the video recommended earlier and have begun creating a report. I've created a sub summary part that is set as "Sub-summary when sorted by "Customer Name" and it does indeed show me the data I wanted but when I try to sort those totals after doing a find on the saleperson....the summary info of course goes away... What am I missing? What I'm trying to do is come up with a total dollar amount by customer and then do a find for the salesperson and then sort by that dollar amount, I'm obviously failing to understand Filemaker's basic functions as this seems like a rather simple thing to accomplish without having to do a bunch of find/sort voodoo
  7. Show Top 10 by DropDown Selection

    Well that's kind of the problem...this massive pile of excrement I was handed has everything in one table...no relationships, no keys...nothing...it's just a glorified Excel spreadsheet sitting in Filemaker. So now I'm trying to figure out how to get some actionable data out of it. I have to present a PP presentation using the information that's stored in this thing and I'm just trying to format some displays of that data in order to use them in that presentation. Specifically, I need to show the top tep customers by sales for each salesperson, the top ten product by sales for each salesperson and charts of the year over year sales by month.. I know FMPro can do all those things...I just don't know the series of steps to make that happen other than doing a convoluted series of finds, contrains and omits..
  8. Show Top 10 by DropDown Selection

    Thanks for the link, it's a good read and I'm sure I'll be referencing it later this evening to study a bit more....but what I was hoping for is some idea of how to "script" the find or summaries in such a way so that when I pick a salesperson's name in the dropdown of the salesperson's field it will only show me the top 10 customers by amount sold, top ten products by amount sold for that salesperson etc... Does that make sense?
  9. Show Top 10 by DropDown Selection

    At the moment the period of time is all time. Top Ten means the top 10 customers by dollars spent ie "invoice totals" for a particular saleperson Top ten products means the top ten product SKUs sold by a particular salesperson...
  10. Show Top 10 by DropDown Selection

    Well by "sort of" I mean a really poor attempt to parse data by simply dragging fields on to a layout and doing a series of finds and extended finds to show the data I'm looking for... ie doing a find on a customer ID, looking at Total Sales for a customer in a Total Sales subsummary field and then restraining the find results by salesperson..doing a sort by Totals and Omitting everything but the first 10 records...ie, the idiot way. I know there's an elegant way to do this in FMPro but me and the reports section of Filemaker don't get along. It's too smart and I'm too stupid.
  11. I have a sort of sales report and I'm trying to figure out how to show Top 10 Customers, Top 10 Products, etc....by Salesperson. So I have an Invoice ID, Customer Name, Invoice Total, ProductSKU and SalesPerson ID I have Salesperson ID in a dropdown from a value list...I'd like to know how to script it so that I can select a SalesPerson ID and see the lists of TOP 10.
  12. SQL SLOW

    In this situation, there is no server. Each client has a copy of the system running locally. Yes I know they're violating ALL of the rules of data integrity. Can't be helped as I don't control that situation. ACID isn't even among their vocabulary. They're still using a Flat Text Accounting system written in 1991 on SCO for god's sake. I've been hired to drag these folk into the 21st century. Since I don't understand FMPro as thoroughly as I apparently ought to... any thoughts on why the SQL wouldn't execute at all? Also, as to the rest of the profile being optional....yes it says as much but when you have mods sending you PMs and tagging on the end of every post telling you to "finish your profile"...it gets a bit unnerving. And just to give you a hint as to my age...I started using Filemaker when it was ClarisWorks 3.0 on a Novell Netware system...And yes I am still a novice because I never spent a second worth of time to delve into it's capabilities. I use it for what it can provide me in time saving as a WebDev.
  13. SQL SLOW

    Everyone has bad days. I was certainly having one myself. No need for apologies at all. I appreciate any and all help. This client is so frustrating, I'm considering firing them and moving on to a stack of other projects waiting. And it certainly didn't help to have the owners giving me looks of disapproval while I waited over 24 hours for what seemed like a simple SQL query to execute. I killed the process on the machine and reformed my query in every fashion I could think of and it still only returned a ? mark in the calculation field even when it didn't stall or lockup. At the end of the day the solution I was provided worked out well and allowed me to finish scripting their data entry process so they don't have to do all kinds of resorts after finding the NULL value in the Category field. So the sales people can now just select a dropdown category...auto fill all the related records and cruise on to the next SKU. However, as difficult as they've been, I'm starting to wonder what they're going to be like when it comes time to start building out their site...20 years of doing this has really honed my red flag awareness...lol Anyway thank you again for everything. This is truly an amazing resource for FMPro and Db related discussion. (P.S.) I'm still not a fan of the intrusive nature of the personal details requests. Lookin' at you mods... Just a side note...you guys being the experts may already know this, but for us web devs...Filemaker is THE solution for migrating customer's data from one shopping cart system to another or from a POS system to an online cart, or from Quickbooks, etc... Being able to do things like easily concatenate file paths with image names is INVALUABLE in saving hundreds of man hours. Create a container field, do some simple scripting and boom...you have the image and where it lives in a new export file. Doing it in Excel is clunky as all get out. I'm actually surprised no one has ever built a FMPro translation/migration solution that allows you to import data from one cart and rename all the relevant fields to the new cart's schema, etc...
  14. SQL SLOW

    First let me say, I'm not offended. It takes quite a bit more than some random forum posts to offend me. I will say that I've never joined a forum where the moderators pressed me to provide more details including personal details so incessantly. Private messages, forum posts, ad infinitum. Ostensibly under the guise of being able to provide better answers by ruling out software incompatibilities. I always assume the probability of data mining instead. Secondly, my point was that bcooney, while they didn't address my original question as to issue of the SQL seemingly not working properly, they did however provide a solution in a very short concise exchange. Rather than implying that I should learn about relational databases, rework the client's entire system or advise them to "hire a professional". I clearly outlined the constraints within which I was working and simply needed to get data out of a poorly designed FMPro "spreadsheet". I apologize if my post sounded cross or angry, it was at the end of a very long and very frustrating day trying to explain to a client set in their ways, why their data is bad and why it requires scrubbing regardless of the fact that they've "been using it with no problem for years". And the idea of paying me to build out a proper solution in PHP/MySQL is simply beyond their comprehension. I assumed making a count of null values in FM would have been a trivial task. I still don't know why the Query never executed.
  15. SQL SLOW

    I think you and Agnes should take a page out of bcooney's book in how to to treat people looking for help in an unfamiliar language.

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