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  1. Hello All Not sure if this is the correct forum for this, because it is combination of calcs and scripts, but I'll start here. I have a sensitive database, that I am currently tracking who modifies which record and when. I have a layout script trigger that move the simple auto enter modified time stamp and account to one of six fields. It builds, if field 1 is full, it puts the data in field 2, etc. I need one more piece of data: Which field was modified. There are ~200 fields, and any of them can be changed. Has anyone ever been successful in logging which filed was modified on the fly? Gil
  2. Tried the server sample and it failed. I grabbed a file from the server and hosted it with pro, no problem. I also tested the web server, by going to the default home page, and it is working. Also, forgiveness, forgot it is Win Server 2008 R2 It looks like it is time to reinstall FM Server and IIS
  3. No worries... You never make it to the authentication for any database. You click a database from the home page, and you receive the error "Database Not Available" no issues installing FM Server. I completed the deployment. Is there a way to uninstall/reinstall the IWP aspect alone, and not the entire FM Server?
  4. Thanks for the ideas. I do have FM Server Advanced, and IWP is turned on.
  5. Also. even though we do not use them. PHP and XSLT receive the error "the php connection to the fmserver_sample database failed" when tried. They are enabled.
  6. I recently did a re install of the FM Server to a new machine. I can navigate to the fmiiwp default page, and when I click a database I receive "Database Not Available" I have checked permission and and ensured IWP was enabled. Any ideas?
  7. Thanks. I can't install on a different network, making the new one on a VM. Tried the static IP, and still failed. Any other ideas?
  8. Hello All I am in the midst of installing FM server advanced on a new server, because the original server is no longer stable. The old server is still working, but not for long. When I try to run the admin console, on the new server, I receive a license conflict with the old server. As you can guess, I can not shut down the old server, until the new one is up and going. There are mission critical files that are always being used. Has anyone found a way around this? Gil
  9. OK. I need to set some things straight. We are working in a work group environment, not a domain. We have an internal DNS/WINS server used to translate computer names, as well as internet usage. We have an internal DNS, because we are one part of a very large company and we need to be part of their overall WAN. I can assure this is correct, because I am the head of IT here. I personally do not set up the DNS, I pay a consultant to manage this for me. The DNS function properly, because you can go to any address bar, run box, or cmd prompt and type in server14 and it goes there. It only fails when you add "fmnet:/" in front of it. It is almost like the filemaker server is not recognizing that it is on that computer. I did not mean to double post. I believed it was a separate issue, because I did not think there was going to be a solution here, and I was looking for an alternative.
  10. Hello All I'm not sure this is even possible. I'm looking for a method of scripting that would actually modify scripts. I need to search through a lot of scripts and change any reference to a IP address to a new IP address. I also need to run this in multiple files. If possible I would also like to do this in the external data sources as well. Is this even possible? If not has anyone heard of a 3rd party solution? Thanks for any comments
  11. We have our own DNS server in house, and it is also a WINS server. This has nothing to do with DNS. DNS translates the computer name correctly to the correct IP address. That is all a DNS does. I have tested this many many times. It is something with adding fmnet:// to the equation.
  12. One other thought. In the server overview the server is listed by IP at the top. I have always thought this to be automatic, but wondering if instead it listed itself as Server14 instead of IP if it would work. After reading the last post, I need to mention that we do not have a domain. We are still in a workgroup environment.
  13. This is what I have that is not working : fmnet:/server14/Computer Inventory.fp7 Before the change it was fmnet:/ Inventory.fp7 Maybe my syntax is incorrect. Instead of the server computer name, should I use the filemaker server name? I doubt it, but who knows. I also ensured my DNS is working correctly, and translates the correct IP address from the server name. I have had to change the IP twice in the last year, and it is a pain every time. Once, because the old server crashed, and the next was putting it on a better computer. The emergency computer was not ideal. I need to change it now, because we are changing our IP address schema. If I can get this to work, it would save a lot of possible future hassles.
  14. The DNS server already knows the server name is linked to the IP. I can explore to the computer with no problem in cmd prompt or explorer. There seems to be a problem in filemaker itself.
  15. fmnet:/server2008/ does not work. How can Get(hostname) assist in this?
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