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  1. I thought I saw this "trick" once upon a time but I can not find it now that I haev a need for it...of course! Is there a way to place a portal in a portal? Steve
  2. I thought that might be the case. Why don't they just say that! Thanks, Steve
  3. I am new to Server 10 and want to play around with IWP. How do I turn it on? In my control panel the option for IWP is "greyed" out and not available for me to select? Am I missing somthing basic? I Have FileMaker Server 10 running Windows 7. Is IWP supported in this version or do I need Server Advanced?
  4. Is it possible to perform a "Find" that will search for records that are missing a charecter from a stricg? For example....I have a large email list that was given to me I am trying to clean up. If an email address does not have "@" sign it is not a valid email address. Is there a way to search the email field for any address missing the "@" sign? I am in FM 10 for this project. Thanks in advance for any help. Steve
  5. Hi JM, Unfortunately I can;tt post a sample of my working file as it is proprietary and would violate the terms of my contract. With that said...what I am trying to accomplish seems like it should be fairly simple assuming the plug in will work as I have been told it will work. All I want to do is check a field (status) on exiting (aka committing) the record to see if the field contents = "Open" If yes then "display window with message and choices" If "closed" then do nothing...essentially exit script. (By the way...I realize a downisde to this is any action that commits the record would call the script...but that is something I need to live with.) The script part is easy...getting the plug in to trigger on the record commit is the part I am not getting. I am sure it is something simple I am missing...but I admit I am just missing it. Thanks for your offer of assistance. If you can it would be greatly appreciated. Steve
  6. Hi JM, Thanks for your help. I realize in V9 (I have 10 my client does not) I need a plug in to launch scripts simply by exiting a record. I also know I could easily write a script and attach it to a button but if the user forgets to click the button then all is for naught! The script you suggest is well within my skill set to write. If [OrderStatusField = "Open"] Show Custom Dialog [Title; Message; Option1/Option2/Option3] If [Get (LastMessageChoice) = 1 //your script steps Else if [Get (LastMessageChoice) = 2] //your script steps Else //more script steps End if //more script steps End if I was told ScriptMaster 360 had the ability trigger a script on exiting a record (a.k.a. committing the record) but I have been unable to get it to work. I called 360 on the phone about two weeks ago and spoke with them at length about this. Their tech promised they would post something on this forum to help me out. So far...that has not happened. While this is a free product I am sure it is free to entice people to buy their revenue generatng products and/or services. But, based on the support I have received from them on this one...I think the odds I pay for something from them are slim to none. Had they not promised to help I would not hold it agains them. I understand supporting a "free" product in the manner I requested might not be a good idea....But if they said they would they should...or say otherwise. I would have understood. I woudn't have liked it, but I would have understood. Oh well....I'll keep plugging away. Steve
  7. I have tried everything I can think of to get this to work and I just am not getting it. I know it is asking a lot...but if you could post an example as to how how I can use your plug in to notify me when an exiting a record that a specified field is populated with specified text I would really appreciate it. I like to figure these things out on my own...but I cannot think of anything else to try. Once I see how to properly use your plug in one time I am probably good to go...I am certain I am missing something basic that I should already be part of my core knowledge. Thanks, Steve
  8. I need to be able to trigger a script on record exit that checks the "order status field" and presents a dialogue box/message when the order status is "open" and then sets the order status field if the user's response indicates the order should be closed. I am able to do this in "events" but someone recently told me that Scriptmaster was a powerful solution as well. I am looking at the program right now but so far do not see how I would accomplish this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Steve
  9. Hey V... Sorry but this won;t work either...FM won;t let me closwe the dialog because of the add ( at the end. Your Code Replace( YourField; Length ( YourField ) - 3; 3; Target ) ) My Code Replace( ControlName; Length ( ControlName- 3 ); 3; DEP_Itin_1)) I really appreciate your help. Steve
  10. Hey Mister V.... I tried your suggestion and it is sticking the 3 letters I need immediatly after the first letter in the required field. Here is the field (ControlName) as entered before running the script: EUROPE-ITALY-Washington-HS-AZ-rdu The last three letters [rdu] need to be replaced with the letters "nyc" as in the field (Departure). Below is the result if I run the script as currently entered EnycPE-ITALY-Washington-HS-AZ-rdu If[(Length(ControlName)>2)] Set Field [ControlName; Replace( ControlName; Length ( ControlName-3 ); 3; DEP_Itin_1) Have I made a mistake here? The result should look like this: EUROPE-ITALY-Washington-HS-AZ-nyc Thanks for your help...It is very much appreciated. Steve
  11. Hi Everyone....Happy holidays... I can use some help if someone is available. I need a script that will trim the last 3 letters from a string of text in a specified field and replace them with 3 letters from a target field. It will always be 3 letters and it will always be the last three letters that need need to be swapped. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Steve
  12. Hi Gang, I am working on a new system where part of the out put will include letters generated from inside the system. I need to have the abililty to have the letter show text in normal, bold, and italics. Can I code into the calculation a set of HTML commands that would allow this to happen? The letter is already working perfectly in all other respects, but the customers wants the output to match their current documents that are created in MS Word. There is nothing real fancy here. Thanks, Steve
  13. Thanks Vodka! Do you have a mini solution that demonstrates this techniqe? Mr. Vodka Writes: <> I don't understand what you mean by "stop serving" Steve
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