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  1. JJAllison1, This solved my problem, too easy of a solution, I had tried everything else and had become discouraged thinking that Filemaker 15 was simply conflicting with the new apple OS. THANKS!!!
  2. Filemaker Go 15 instantly crashing on launch(iPhone) since IOS 14.2 upgrade. Anyone else?
  3. Does anyone know where there is an existing script that will solve amortization needs? There are several simple ones that accommodate the standard US amortization method. But, banks use 360/365/actual days and other methods to calculate loan amorts that are different from the standard home loan amort. anything out there?
  4. I have been working with FM for 15 years and have never seen this happen..... in the middle of a script we had a server disconnect.....a record was created in the script but that record will not allow entry into any of its fields. We can delete the record successfully...it would seem...but, when we do a search or Show all....the record magically reappears. This one record will not go away despite many different techniques employed. Anyone seen this problem? solution?
  5. Did you find assistance? If not, I'd be delighted to assist. I have 17 years of FM experience and manage a large real estate portfolio using Filemaker as the sole database and management tool. filemaker@missourihomeowner.com
  6. When dragging a new field into a layout, what determines the size of the field, font, attributes, etc???...I can't seem to get this to change from the current HUGE fields that are created..I know it's a simply solution but can't find in Help or anywhere else...
  7. If a pdf document is saved actually IN a container field and not just its relative path, then...is there a way to view the file in the web viewer? (other than its path, elsewhere on the computer, being entered) Thanks, Paul
  8. When I run a script the tab view changes....I might be on the fourth tab when I start but when the script completes it will refresh to the first tab.....can't find any script commands to counteract this... thanks, Paul
  9. THANKS AND FOLLOW UP QUESTION "Set variable" did the trick....it is quirky though....for viewing the same documents in the webviewer in the same spot the path was different than the path needed to get the document into the container field. to view the pdf in the web viewer: file:/Volumes/AAC/ Scanned DOCS/ into filemaker/xxx.pdf to insert the pdf file into the container: filemac:/AAC/ Scanned DOCS/ into filemaker/xxx.pdf So, the question is...if the pdf document is actually saved IN FM in a container field and not just its relative path, then...why isn't there a way to view the file in the web viewer, or open it up with a double click? Am I missing something? Thanks, Paul
  10. No, that is not an option at that point for either of those script steps. When clicking on the "Specify source file" and "Specify output file" options the dialog window pops up and it is looking for a typed in path or the user to drill down to the file and select it..there are no other choices in the dialog.....I want to have this field populated with the text portion of a field. Insert File[], Specify source file Save Records as PDF [], Specify output file
  11. Is there a way of Selecting ALL in a TAB view to cut or paste WITHOUT selecting the tab...it seem like once I get all the fields in that the only way to get them all out if a "goof" occurs is to shift click them one by one....dragging multiple moves the tab view..and I can't unselect the tab view with a shift click. Thanks, Paul
  12. For populating container fields with files where the file path can be calculated as the contents of a text field, I would like to set the "Specify source file" and "Specify output file" options for the associate script steps listed below. The dialog box seems to only want file paths manually entered. Is there a way to use the contents of a field to do this? Insert File[], Specify source file Save Records as PDF [], Specify output file Thanks, Paul
  13. When using <<fieldname>> in a layout, some of my number fields appear with a $ in front of them in Browse mode...And, none of the non-merge appearances of that field anywhere in the database are set with that type of number format.and, I have changed it to General Format, and leave data as entered, etc, ....I am also particularly challenged on merge fields where the Define Fields creation was a calculation (number).....??---if I am only using it as a merge field in layouts where can I create or change the "numbers formatting"...
  14. Is there a more robust solution that exists for loan balance calculations and payoffs for FMP? trying to figure mortgage payoffs to the DAY of payoff...plugin?: method??
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