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  1. Hi, I have been trying to get my head around this document http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/6996/kw/host%20client%20differences It is a little confusing to me. Anyone got a clearer reference than this? I have an interface file & a data file & i want to know what get functions to put in the data file to tell me its state & which functions are only worth putting in the interface file as they just return client system information. I have tried putting a list of all of the get functions in two files & putting them in both environments but i can still not be 100% sure that i am reading the results correctly. Any help would be great! Best Stuart
  2. Was just looking for an old Post of mine "Dynamic Labels [Finished-]" Found it on google but the forum & my own listed posts no longer return it. Is there a way i can view all of my previous posts or will they always expire based on date. Thanks :)
  3. Thanks Mr V So import with import ID & pass back via a calculation? best Stuart
  4. Here is what i would like to happen. User Clicks on a File say FileName.ext The opening of the file FileName.ext triggers to opening of MyDatabase.fp7 and runs a ScriptMaker Script (The same one every time) and the ScriptParameter of that script is the file path of the file that was opened. (so i the file can import it). Ideally i would love to do this on both platforms but OS X is primary. Have no idea if is really possible. Is an Apple script App the way to go? Any thoughts on any part are welcome Thanks
  5. I have a script that imports any number of records & there related records into a solution. Lets say Contact Table Records & Related Address Table Records & Tel Numbers stored in separate tables. The data file being populated is hosted on fm server & shared by a large number of users all capable of creating records. Any user can import data & add records. Anyone got any thoughts on the best way to do deal with attributing the correct serial numbers that the records will receive when they are added to the main data file and how i should pass that to the new related records before they are imported as this new serial will be there ID field? Any best practices here? I am also thinking that the process needs to account for records being created by other users on the network whilst the process is taking place or even others doing similar imports. Any shared experiences would be useful. Best Stuart
  6. Bruce you are my hero Did not realize -1 was an option, would never have gotten there myself, this has opened up a whole new world. Many many many thanks
  7. Hello, The attached file sets out what i am trying to overcome. Any thoughts would be great. Trying to do a little formatting magic. Best Stuart Format.fp7.zip
  8. Doh!!! I had ticked "restart page numbering after each occurance" on the footer part. Self inflicted pain is the worst kind!
  9. I have an un-stored calc that contains Get(PageNumber). When i export as PDF it returns "1" for each page. I am working on this project in 8.5 on OS X 10.5 Leopard so can not append to PDF (build page by page), and anyway i do not really want to do it that way as it is not very efficient. Am i missing something or is this just the way it is. best Stuart
  10. Or using Windows virtualization on the Mac (Bootcamp etc…)
  11. OK so i am finally getting to the bottom of this. The files were created in a different OS (10.4) i am now using 10.5 on a different machine with totally different software. I think Arial is a Microsoft Office font, well anyway there are 2 installed in the "Font Book". One has the path: Library/Fonts/Microsoft/Arial and the other has the path: Library/Fonts/Arial.ttf Anyway the upshot of this is that for some reason this specific file can not recognize the version of Arial that FileMaker has loaded. This is even true when choosing the font from the menu and applying it to a field on a layout. But when i specify in a calculation that the font to use is Arial.ttf it renders just fine. Of course this is going to be a real pain to explain to clients and to program reliably too. : Next step is of course to uninstall the Microsoft version and see if Arial resolves itself to the system font. best wishes Stuart
  12. I have a problem file. Everything is fine except that it refuses to display 'Arial' Font Face. I am working in 8.5 Adv I have recovered it 3 times but when i apply the calculation: TextFont ( "ABC" ; "Arial" ) it will only display Helvetica. Similarly it will not change a layout item to Arial (Says Arial in Format > Font but displays Helvetica and GetAsCSS/SVG ( Field ) displays as Helvetica too. This file is designed specifically for printing and has months of complex work in it. Has anyone seen this before? Really hoping there is a simple thing that i am overlooking. Recovered the file in FMP 10 but same result. Did identical calc in new file and works correctly. This is a really really serious issue for me!!! please help! best Stuart
  13. The nice guys at New Millennium who distribute MediaManager are looking into it for me. I will post any update.
  14. Yep, is a license for cross platform distribution. Product advertises the functionality and does everything else required. Have a few new thoughts to try now…
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