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  1. "I have attached an absolutely minimal model." It doesn't get more minimal. No attachment.
  2. Layouts > Layout Setup > Printing Tab. Margins at the bottom.
  3. Old habits sometimes die hard. As I was adding the unstored calc, it dawned on me that Auto-Enter (Replace) now in 7 might be used here to replace my old process. But I was short on time and dismissed it out of laziness. Thanks for the lesson (always review every process anew) and for the great technique.
  4. It would be rare that it is noticed, but you can correct it. Create an unstored calculation (text) with: If(not Exact(CompanyName; Companies::Company); Companies::Company; CompanyName) ... and place it on top of that pop-up (Arrange > Bring To Front). Make this calc's fill solid and set Field Behavior to not allow entry in Browse or Find. An unstored calc will update instantly across tables. Remember that Individuals::CompanyName field isn't for anything except this pop-up functionality.
  5. If the field contains 'ABC', the data won't change to 'ABC test' until you select it and change it. Same thing would happen in a standard relationship using a pop-up. Pop-ups are just a method to select; they don't affect data through a table or change data in other tables. You only notice it because you have both pop-ups on your layout at once. You would use your real relationship CompanyName field for all displays.
  6. It should change for you. It changes in the demo and I have never had it NOT change appropriately. Is your CompanyID changing? Is it's lookup based upon the NEW CompanyName relationship? Also, be sure the Companies VL is based upon your PRIMARY relationship (not the one for the CompanyName popup).
  7. Your privilege set would have data access on records set to view only in all tables. The (button) script creating the new record would be checked 'Run Script with Full Access Privileges.' Users will create but never be able to change under this privilege set. Only those with a different privilege set can change them.
  8. Ah. Fool the User huh, SlimJim? Let 'em think they're still on same layout. I've used that a few times but had forgotten how much I liked the concept. I enjoy trickery and illusion. I've reverted to making my find layouts VERY obvious (and I eliminated the problem of changing Browse layout and having to make same visual changes to Find layout). Wanted it very obvious because User's were always confused on which mode they were in. My Find layouts are always yellow. Same bright yellow as these emoticons. They don't perform a whole heck-of-a-lot of finds anymore.
  9. Or just do what I usually do ... provide dedicated find layouts. Technique is simpler to implement and easier to police. Good scripting can handle it however, as Bob has shown.
  10. Errr. I knew that. Yeah, that's right. I knew that ... I was making the point that vs. 7 removes the need to concatenate date/time. Yeah. Well then ... use Timestamps now.
  11. Although a funky work-around, I also have a few Users who want to pull FM data into existing Excel spreadsheets in specific locations. An FM table and a found set can be copied via script or from menu (Copy All Records) -- yeah, hold on ... User then just clicks into the cell where the data should start and pastes. They get their pretty flatline column file. Okay. It messes their clipboard; but it's them doing it and not the Developer messing with their clipboard behind the scenes. Some of my Users love this ability. After all, the clipboard is theirs.
  12. One way to tell for sure ... Create a calculation (number) with: Exact ( text1; text2) Carriage returns, spaces - any difference at all will produce 0.
  13. You can also use merge fields. Just include both fields within the same merge box.
  14. Maybe I'm missing something here... you have vs. 7. Why not just use a Timestamp instead of concatenating date/time?
  15. If your file doesn't open on your Time layout, be sure to go to a layout based upon this table at the start of your script. New records are created in the table occurrence it's on at the time a script fires.
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