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  1. Figured it out for myself -- I had trailing spaces on the names in the second table -- applied a trim function to all that field in all records and everything came together. Anyway, thanks anyway for any thoughts of helping :-) j
  2. I have a very simple database that uses a last name to match two tables of information together. For some reason I can't get the match to work. I know the data is good because I can copy a name from one table and search for it in another -- I will find a hit on the search. I have tried changing the search on in the text field to unicode rather than English but that doesn't work. No idea what I am doing wrong - makes no sense to me that if Filemaker can find a name from one table in another table, then using those fields to define a relationship should work, if for nothing else but at least those records where the searched names are matching. I'm sure I am doing something stupid but I seem to have tried every permutation! Any help would very much be appreciated. j
  3. That's all cool. I guess the main reason I want to create a custom app is for expandability, for the ability to load the app on it's own on any number of systems, and to allow the user a more traditional application environment. I suppose I should learn more about filemaker's advanced features, as this might be something that could be simulated. Essentially, I work in film, visual effects, and want to create an environment to break down scripts, create budgets, log shows using Quicktime and enbedded timecode, etc, outside of the filemaker layouts paradigm. Want to be able to run multiple windows on the data, toolbars, etc, etc. Maybe I should try and check out some of the more sophisticated filemaker databases -- almost everything I've seen looks like filemaker with customization. But I'll keep an open mind. Any links to high end use of Filemaker would be appreciated, especially programs that ditch the standard filemaker layouts navigation method. And I will check out the book! James
  4. I have been using Filemaker for a number of years here at work, but want to take our department database to the next level. Until now, we have been working with one database that we either copy to our desktops, modify and return to the server, or sometimes opening multi-user mode, which has generally been extremely slow. I assume that if I were to use Filemaker Server, things would improve on the speed front, but don't know for sure. What I want to do, and want to be sure Filemaker can't do it before I abandon it, is create a custom application that uses a database as the backend. I don't want to work in Filemaker anymore, but instead want to write a program to enter and manipulate data in the database. I get the sense from the filemaker website that one can program Java front ends, but I think I'd to try and write my program using xCode, as I don't think Java will be robust enough to do what I need to do. Is this possible? Also, I want to use a client/server model, where individual users can work on the database locally, without network connections, and then come back later and sync the changes they've made in with the server version of the database. I can't quite figure out how to make filemaker do this. And, maybe it's just me, but I just can't wrap my head around Filemaker's relationship paradigm. I know a little Access and Openbase, and like their use of tables with primary keys. As far as I know, multiple database files have to exist to do the same thing in Filemaker? Why? How do people deal with tens of filemaker files? Do they create packages, or move the files together in folders, if they need the database to move from computer to computer? Maybe I need to learn more of the advanced function of Filemaker. I really like scriptmaker, and notice that Openbase doesn't have anything near as friendly. Are there any really good, deep books on the advance functions of filemaker? Websites? I'd like to stay with the database we have been using for years, but worry that it's not robust enough to do what we need to do. Any help would be appreciated. James
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