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  1. Hi James, many thanks for your suggestion and sample scripting. The field validation is also used in my XSLT web pages and works OK. I will look into disabling field validation (which I never really liked to begin with) and using your suggested scripting for both the network users and the web users. When completed, I will report back with the details........Ray
  2. I am having a problem with the script below. It executes fine when there are no data entry errors. I have set Error Capture Off to allow FileMaker to detect fields that were defined to have a required value. After I enter the data (leaving a field blank) and click "Continue" it presents the standard FileMaker "Revert Record Yes/No" message and pauses. When I select "No" it places the cursor in the empty field. After entering the data and clicking "Continue" it does not return me to the script to enter the department. How can I return to the script to complete it?? Thanks for any assistance. Create New Participant Record #Setting "Allow User Abort" to Off removes the cancel button when a script pauses. Allow User Abort [ Off ] #Set "Set Error Capture" Off Set Error Capture [ Off ] #Select layout for new participant record Go to Layout [ “Participant Form New Registration Part-1” (Web_TA_Participant_DB) ] Enter Browse Mode New Record/Request #Set Department field to "Select Department" Set Field [ Web_TA_Participant_DB::Department; "Select Department" ] #Enter the participants demographic data with the exception of the department. Pause/Resume Script [ Indefinitely ] #Select department for new Participant record Go to Layout [ “Participant Form New Registration Part-2” (Web_TA_Participant_DB) ] Pause/Resume Script [ Indefinitely ] Go to Layout [ “Participant Form” (Web_TA_Participant_DB) ] Enter Browse Mode Show All Records Adjust Window [ Resize to Fit ]
  3. Many thanks BruceR, worked like a charm!.......Ray
  4. I am logged into a FM 10 Advanced client with admin privileges and click on the Scripts > Manage Scripts menu and my menu set changes to one of the custom menu sets I have created with less than admin privileges and I am unable to copy a set of script steps. What I want to do is copy the set of script steps and paste them into a thread here in order to ask for some help with the script. Any suggestions will be appreciated. :bang:
  5. Update: This [color:orange][color:blue]xsl page coding works with the script below. The parameter is passed correctly. ======================================= [color:red] ======================================= Here is the [color:orange][color:blue]FileMaker script that executes correctly: =============================== [color:red]Allow User Abort [On] [color:red]Set Variable [$VarTest; Value: Get( ScriptParameter )] =============================== The problem that I am having now is I want to pass a parameter with delimited fields and parse the parameter in the script. What do I use for the delimiter designation and what do I use to parse this parameter in the script. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated…….
  6. Finally had a chance to try the -script and -script.param parameters with the get(scriptparameter) function and have not been able to retrieve the passed parameter. Here is the form I am using in my XSLT page that executes the FileMaker script: ========================================= event_added.xsl [color:red] ======================================= Here is the FileMaker script that is executed: =============================== Allow User Abort [On] Set Field [Web_TA-Registration_DB::EventIDVar; Get ( ScriptParameter ) =============================== I have placed the EventIDVar field in the specified layout and the passed parameter does not display after the script executes. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated....Ray
  7. That was the "comment" I was looking for!! Many thanks..............Ray
  8. efen, thanks for your reply, I will try to clarify. In my XSLT page I use a form that creates a new registration and executes a script after the (-new) query command completes. The form has a (-script.param) that passes a parameter to the script in the FileMaker table. My question is how do I access/use this parameter......Ray
  9. Once again I am back to this esteemed FileMaker forum for a bit of help. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. I am using the -script and -script.param query parameters to run a FileMaker script and pass parameters to that script. My question is how do I access these parameters in my script??.........Ray
  10. Thanks Tom, i did exactly as you suggested. Yesterday I searched the web and came up with the three packages you laid out. I contacted two of them and received excellent communications back from 360Works. I have one more question. Do you create a FileMaker script, using the plug-in, that you access from your web page to issue the confirmation email? Thanks again for your help........Ray
  11. Many thanks for enlightening me Tom, I will be updating to Server 10 Advanced in the not too distant future along with updating our 6-year old Apple database server. In the meantime I will search for a plug-in, do you have any recommendations?............Ray
  12. I am having difficulty grasping how to generate a email to the individual confirming they have registered for one of our events. I would like to generate this email when I generate the web page confirming the registration. The email would contain some basic information about the event. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.... Ray
  13. Update on problem with loading Admin Console from Win XP client using FM Pro Advanced 9.0.3. In order to get Admin Console to run on this client I had to uninstall Java 6, Update 15. This left the most current version of Java 6 at update 7. Thanks again Steven for your guidance.........Ray
  14. Good news, just finished installing the update to the server and it corrected the problem with the Admin Console. My Windows XP client also requires a patch in order for the Admin Console to run correctly. Unfortunately, when you run this patch you need the original FileMaker Pro 9.0 Advanced (in my case) installation disk in order to complete the update. My disk is at home so I will have to run it tomorrow. Many thanks Steven for your guidance in resolving this problem..........Ray
  15. Steven, you hit the "nail on the head" so to speak. It didn't take long searching the FileMaker knowledge base to discover the following: ========= Question: Why does my Admin Console refuse to launch? Answer: Issue: The FileMaker Server 9 and FileMaker Server 9 Advanced Admin Console will fail to run on machines that install Java 6 on Mac OS 10.5.x. Customers will see the Start page but the Admin Console won’t launch when clicking on the “Launch Admin Console” button. If FileMaker Server 9 or FileMaker Server 9 Advanced is installed on a Mac OS 10.5.x system with Java 6 pre-installed then invoking the Deployment Assistant as part of the installation process will fail to run. In other words, FileMaker Server 9 and FileMaker Server 9 Advanced will not install. NOTE: Once Java 6 is installed, it can not be uninstalled. Platform Affected: Any Server Administrative Client running Mac OS 10.5.x (Leopard) with a 64bit processor (Intel Core 2 Duo) and Java 6 installed. Solutions and Workarounds: Workaround: * Run the Admin Console remotely on a Windows client or a Mac client without Java 6. Solution for existing installation: * Download the FileMaker Server or FileMaker Server Advanced update and follow instructions in Readme that explain where to put the files. Note: Update must be applied to FileMaker Server 9v3 or FileMaker Server 9v3 Advanced. Customers that have FileMaker Server 9.0v1 or FileMaker Server 9.0v1 Advanced must first update to 9.0v2, then update to 9.0v3, and finally apply the update Solution for new installation: * Download FileMaker Server or FileMaker Server Advanced * Any Server Administrative Client running Mac OS 10.5.x (Leopard) with a 64bit processor (Intel Core 2 Duo) Important Click here if you are running FileMaker Server 9 with Java 6 Update 10. ================================================ I would like to add that a client running windows XP and Java 6.0.07 can load the Admin Console but any of the features that access the database, clients etc will cause the program to abort. I will download the patch recommended and report back the results...........Ray
  16. Morning Steven, thanks for your continuing support, it is much appreciated. I will search the FileMaker Tech support archives for any potential Java conflicts and let you know if I find any reports. I have FileMaker Server-10 Advance. Do you think it would correct the problem if I loaded this update? I can also give you permission to log into the server if you would like. Thanks again for your kind support..........Ray
  17. Steven, I checked for FM Server updates and it told me that was the latest update........Ray
  18. Steven, I am currently running OS 10.5.8. I checked for updates and the only one I have not run is Quicktime 7.6.4. I will update to FM
  19. Hi Steven, my current installed version is: The only patches are those that come via the updates. I have rebooted the server a couple of times since I noticed the problem. This past week, I believe on Wednesday. One other thing I did not mention was that I can no longer open the FM Admin Console from the server. Thanks for you thoughts............Ray
  20. Things had been humming along fine with my FM Server-9 Advanced since I installed it eons ago. Never had a problem until recently. The database works great when accessed from our local network and via our XSLT web pages. The problem I am having is accessing it via the FileMaker Admin Console. I can open the Admin Console from a client OK. Any of the features that do not access the database, clients, schedules etc work OK but when I try to access any of the proceeding I get the following error message: *********************************** Admin Server Connection Error: An Unknown Error Has Occured *********************************** I then have to re-open the FM Admin Console. Our database has 6-tables using six files and I did have a problem with a orphaned record about the same time the FM Admin Console problem popped up. I was able to delete the orphaned record and ran all the tables through the FM Recover process with no lost data. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated...Ray
  21. forum Moderator, can this be moved to the "Advanced" forum??........Thanks, Ray
  22. Almost finished. I have been on the phone with the FileMaker help desk who are still looking into this last hurdle. Two machine configuration: Master is running Mac 10.5.3 with FM Server Advance Worker is running Mac 10.5.3 Server with the FM Web Publishing Engine. The master machine is serving up the databases to our network with no problem. The worker machine is serving up our web site OK. The FM Admin Console is indicating all is well. When I run the FM test XSLT page from the Admin Console I get the following error message: "The XSLT connection to the FMServer_Sample database failed. This Web Publishing Engine already has too many active sessions. Using the FileMaker Server Admin Console , increase the number of Web Publishing Engine sessions, disconnect an active session, or wait a while for more sessions to become available. (Error 956)" I am also unable to access database info from my own XSLT web pages. The number of sessions is set at the default of 100 which is more than we would ever have. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.....Ray
  23. I installed the Server Assistant on a PowerBook G4 running OS X 10.5 and will do an upgrade from this computer.........Ray
  24. Just finished reading the Os X Server v10.5 "Getting Started" manual. It states that if you want to install on the existing server (in my case OS X Server Advanced v10.3.9) you can only do a "New or Clean" install and not an upgrade. Is this true? Thanks in advance for any thoughts......Ray
  25. Thanks Steven, I guess I will just have to jump in with both feet on this one.............Ray
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