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  1. Hi Pardon the simplicity of this question but I tend not to be very HTML "smart". I am hoping to export an HTML file from an FMP Storage location then reference it in the EmailSetBodyFile ( url ; embedResources ) string. Rather unsure about how to form the URL (needs to run in OS X and Windows). Stephen
  2. Any thoughts on why FTPeek is downloading empty files. First attempt at downloading - have functioning upload code - but something is breaking. I can login to the FTP server, I can query the remote directory and get a list of files there but when I download I get a file with the right name but no content. eg. I can ask "www.wonfuji.net/download" for a file list using FTPeek_GetFileList. I can parse the list to get a file name. But when I use FTPeek_DownloadFile("www.wonfuji.net/download/1234.csv"; $Desktop) I get the correctly named file but it has no data in it. Just ERROR, even though a file is created. Stephen
  3. Hi <REDACTED> User was suffering from Friday as well as brain meltdown and general stupidity. Stephen
  4. I think my question is on the topic. How do I code an SC link so that it will work in-house (got that ok) and externally as well ( the problem). Port forwarding? Stephen
  5. Hi I am fairly new to SuperContainer but have used it in 1:1 relationships between a singled record and a related image. Now I need to link a whole series of images with the need to load a folder full of images and link them to a single record.. I am curious as to the best way to display the images to the user. They are scanned evaluations that are associated with a single training session. I have tried a single web viewer and a global number field that is used as the suffix to the URL. This works OK but I am a bit stuck with how to load the folder of images correctly. Is that the "best" way to view the images using SuerContainer? Stephen
  6. Bit of a drift here, but... Hello I have a client with 20 Macs running 10.4.x, 10.5.x, 10.6.x and 10.7.x and a mix of FMPro 10.x and 11.x. I am setting up a SuperContainer deployment and have observed that the display varies - some have "Choose File" and "Upload", some have "Upload" (functional) and some have "Upload" (Non-functional) in the WebViewer. Which makes me think I need a minimal version of Java installed on each machine. What is recommended? Stephen ---------- "Never lend books -- nobody ever returns them; the only books I have in my library are those which people have lent me." --- Anatole France
  7. Hello, Does this "SuperContainer is simple to install on your FileMaker Server" mean that SC will run on Filemaker Server - not Advanced - or is Advanced a requirement for a server deployment? The server in question runs FMS 11 on OS x 10.7.1 Stephen
  8. You can also write data (with appropriate delimiters) into a variable then drop that variable into a global field and export field contents. You get a txt file as output. Or write the variable into the body of an eMail - eg. use TAB delimiters you can copy from the eMail and paste correctly into Excel. Stephen
  9. Dani You might sort descending by that number field and go to first record. You might create a cartesian self-join on the table and create a Max(table_TABLE||x|::number) calc to return max value. (Not certain if that would work to an SQL table). You could script it: (pseudocode) Show All Go First Record Loop SetVariable($Max; Case($Max<YourNumberField; YourNumberField; $Max)) GoToNextRecord (Exit After Last) End Loop Stephen
  10. Good point. I forgot my unsort step. Thanks for the reminder.
  11. Well... You find all records You go to the last one You duplicate it and adjust any values you need to. The record you duplicated and the duplicated one will be the last two records in the group (barring some weird sorting) the double OMIT will hide the new record plus its origin record you keep looping until the final pair you omit both found count= 0 and the loop ends often, it seems, it is easier to go backwards as it "honors the threat" - the problem you encounter when going to first record, duplicating it, then having to go first , omit that one, go last and adjust it, omit that one, go back to first etc. ie. FMP always drops new records at the end of the stack - so you may as well work from that end - took me 18 years to get a grip on that logic - now it is habit. I suspect I am rambling as the sun has set quite a bit...
  12. No problem. That's why we are all here...
  13. Hi Not sure I follow all your logic but a nice way of duplicating all records of a table is like this pseudo code: Go to layout (Employees) Show All Records Loop Go to Record Last Duplicate record Set Field 1 = "" Omit Record Omit Record ExitLoop if found count = 0 End Loop
  14. Hi Somewhile back I was working on a generic script to strip formatting from fields and wanted to be able to deploy it in any db on any layout without making any changes to the routine. I got it to the point where it would work for any layout, with any number of fields, even repeating fields. But I never cracked the logic that would detect portals and allow me to loop through fields in portals to "TextFormatRemove" on all of them. Is there some function I have missed? or some logic? I guess what I am wanting to ask, indirectly, is are there any fields from related records on this layout and, if so, what portalrow# are you (if any). Clearly the problem is solvable with a full tab order including all fields, but not every layout will have every field in the tab order. The goal was a universal, context-independent de-formatter. I can't stop thinking that it is possible. A sample file is attached. Stephen Test123.fp7.zip
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