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  1. Thanks for the input. I've tried Scodigo and it was throwing some other variable errors, that's when I tried just the webviewer. I'll post the errors on the Scodigo boards, maybe something will pan out. Bob
  2. I'm trying to show some data:text/html in the webviewer using php. when i put in <?php ....some php code.... $var->showMap($markers);?> The webviewer is displaying "showMap($markers);?>" It appears the Arrow Operator is creating an issue? Has anyone seen this? Know of a work-around?
  3. Thank you both for the help. I did go ahead and implement the import with xsl. Seems to work rather well Again, thank you!
  4. I'm not a judge of elegance, all that matters is it works like a charm! Also, it in such a manner that I can see what is taking place, kind of like running a script Thank you very much! Bob
  5. I would like to put in: xmlGetAll ( theXML ; theTag ) where theXML = 628120 628195.26 628565.42 628746.44 628966.93 628916.93 628257.23 628227.47 628977.86 628408.03 628368.19 628058.94 628849.54 and theTag = ZIP_CODE and the result is: 62812 62819 62856 62874 62896 ....etc basically I have a php script which, when give a zip code and a radius, returns the xml above. I need to pull the zip codes into a field to be used in a multikey relationship. Hope this makes it a little more clear as to what I am trying to acc
  6. I would like to have a custom function that returns a delimited list of results when passed the xml source and the xml tag. xmlGetAll(theXML ; theTag) this is what i have so far Let ( [ tagNumber = PatternCount ( theXML ; theTag ); tagLength = Length(theTag); tagStart = Position ( theXML ; "<" & theTag & ">" ; 1 ; 1 ) + tagLength + 2 ; tagEnd = Position ( theXML ; "" & theTag & ">" ; 1 ; 1 ); tagLen = tagEnd - tagStart ]; If ( tagNumber > 0 ; Middle ( theXML ; tagStart ; tagLen ) ; "") ) This works fine for finding the first
  7. I put together this php to geocode an address in filemaker. I am new to PHP and this is the first PHP script I have ever written. I got most of the code from Begining Google Maps Applications with PHP and Ajax (great book). This was done using the Testbed v2 file. I created new fields, address, city, state, and zip to pass to the script. header('content-type:text/plain;'); $api_key = "...enter key here..."; // First we store our FileMaker expression $address= fm_evaluate('GetField ( "address" )'); $city = fm_evaluate('GetField( "city" )'); $state = fm_evaluate('GetField( "sta
  8. There's an aritcle on fmwebschool that may be useful. It mentions applescript at the top. It has some examples for windows, I don't have a mac so I'm not sure how well it will relate: FMWebSchool
  9. The database has many tables, but the tables involved are as follows. COMMISSIONS: this table used to import all the jobs that have paid into. Every Friday I download a spread sheet that has all the jobs that the company is being paid for. SCHEDULING: Scheduling holds all of the jobs that have been assigned to us to date. It is used to schedule the installers. Scheduling is related to the COMMISSIONS db by way of a unique ID assigned to each order. In the COMMISSION db, this relationship is used to get the Installer that completed the job and how much that installer was paid f
  10. Comment, I do have the sumInstallerSupplies, are you referring to a calc field or a summary field? 2. I tried this suggestion, GetSummary(installerPaidSum; installerPaidSum), it putting out a huge number, which I would assume would be the sum of all the installers. I think if I understood how exactly the trailing grand summary worked, I might be able to figure out what calculations will work, and which ones won't. Time to hit the books. Bob
  11. There probably isn't a real good reason to use the lookup fields, other than it was very late, and I was very frustrated trying to get this to work.
  12. I'm having an issue with displaying data in in a trailing grand summary part. I'm attempting to run a report to display a contractors gross and net pay out. The first table is commissions, it stores all the money paid to the company. Through a relationship and lookup fields, it grabs the installers name and how much the installer was paid for each job. The second table is an items table which stores lines items for parts and supplies the installer has ordered. Keep in mind, there are several installers in this table. The relationship is based on a key that is created by taking the WeekOfyear(p
  13. Any idea when you're going to be putting this on your blogs? I'm (and probably a lot of other people : ) anxiously awaiting!
  14. I am using the new Troi URL plugin with some success, I am curious if anyone is using this and may be able to shed some light on my problem. I am updating a website that uses javascript forms, the first form is working without problems, but the second form keeps returning errors, the only difference I can see is in the FORM tag, This one doesn't work and This one does. I am assuming the problem lies in the return frmValidate() part of this. I have been using IEWatch to capture the string being sent to the form when I manually enter the data, and then comp
  15. Here's an example file. This can be done with Scriptmaker, not just telling the button to goto field. If you script it, and have the button perform script, it works. dateField.zip
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