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  1. I have no ideal why but it is suddenly working for me. Very confused. It has never worked before this many times. UGH. I have attached the log file 360Plugins_FMAdvanced.log
  2. John, same with me. But checking memory for Ryan. Sorry was busy today
  3. Thank you so much. I sent two. Really sorry for the hassles!!! my email was kessingbd@si.edu
  4. OK. I created the directory (under user) and used the 512 file. Restarted FM and it didn't help. Was hopeful. Where so I find he logs you want?
  5. Thanks Ryan. It is strange. Alot of my users are seeing this. I am using the exact same set up as you seemingly but also see it with 15, 16 too. If I register JUST that function all is OK. I did notice that at one point it was only a problem after the first call. Could it be a memory issue? Could it be what Java we have installed? Java 8 191. I should also mention that we work for the fed. gov. and there are all sorts of virus scanning programs on our computer etc. Maybe a confounding variable?
  6. When I register and run just the ChooseFolder( startingPath ; prompt ) function…all is good. But if I register a "few" more functions, the choosefolder freezes and quits FM. This is with FM 15, 16, 17 and Mac or PC. SM4.43 doesn't not have any problem. Seems a memory issue. Anyone else seeing this? I've loaded up a file that you can edit and test. Thanks. directory test.fmp12
  7. I would say you could store it. But have you considered using a global in this case?
  8. until
    For more information and registration: https://faes.org/events/biotech-94-filemaker-database-development-programming-scientists-beginner-level-2-day-hands Workshop is open to general public. Registration occurs on a first-come, first-served basis. The deadline forregistration is one week before the first day of the course. If you are unable toregister before the deadline, please email: training@faes.org or call 301-496-7977 for space availability. For NIH users: Payment approval and authorization is done through your AO or labmanager. Receiving lab approval does not constitute
  9. So far so good…the SMReset seems to solve the memory issues I was having. A few more days of testing on the server will confirm it hopefully.
  10. Hmmmm. OK, Maybe I will see if restarting the script engine is needed or does the trick if SMReset doesn't. I am trying that tonight. Will report back. Thanks And darn. I just noticed I posted this in the wrong forum. Sorry!!! Should be in the Scriptmaster forum.
  11. Should I reset the plugin occasionally with smreset?
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